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      Internet General Sale No. 74

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    Lot 458
    ** ]
    Estimate: $50 Purchase Price : $45

    1966 Photogravure Coil 'P.M.G./DEPT.' test coil in Black strip of 11. BW cat AU$88


    Lot 461
    ** ]
    Estimate: $750 Purchase Price : $670

    1966 4c Red Queen Elizabeth II large mint specialised study, mostly mounted on pages and largely comprising positional pieces, covering most of the listed plate varieties, with many perf pip and plate number blocks, also the different paper types, and all with copious notes identifying the various plates. Also a used range of the 5c on 4c booklet stamp with plate varieties. An exceptional lot that would form a significant basis for a specialised exhibit of this interesting issue. All very fine to superb and virtually all MUH (approx 2500)


    Lot 462
    ** ]
    Estimate: $1,500 Purchase Price : $1,340

    1966 4c Red QEII from left of sheet with error 'Imperforate at Left', two small tone spots on reverse otherwise very fine MUH. Only ten examples recorded from the only sheet found. BW 439bn, cat AU$3500


    Lot 464
    P ]
    Estimate: $2,500 Purchase Price : $2,214

    1966-71 Queen's Head Definitives 6c Die Proof in Orange (issued colour) in sunken frame (95mm x 100mm), superb. Only three die proofs are recorded in private hands, two of which are in the issued colour. BW446DP(1), cat AU$3000


    Lot 465
    **/O ]
    Estimate: $90 Purchase Price : $82

    1970 6c Orange QEII small mint and used study on pages including positional pieces and with a number of the listed plate varieties (80 M, 98 U)


    Lot 474
    FDC ]
    Estimate: $80 Purchase Price : $70

    1977 18c Parliament House Anniversary on Australia Post FDC cancelled at Grenfell Street Adelaide, showing error 'Illustration at Left Omitted', with normal FDC for comparison


    Lot 476
    ** ]
    Estimate: $300 Purchase Price : $268

    1980 National Stamp Week 22c right-hand pane of 50, fourth row with paper join variety through all units. this and the following lot (from the same sheet) are the only recorded examples. Couple of tone spots in selvedge, otherwise fine. BW 878ba, cat AU$400+


    Lot 477
    ** ]
    Estimate: $200 Purchase Price : $175

    1980 National Stamp Week 22c left-hand pane of 50 with all selvedge removed, the fourth horizontal showing a paper join variety affecting all units. From the same sheet as the previous lot. Light tone spots on some units including the variety stamps. BW 878ba, cat AU$400+


    Lot 480
    ** ]
    Estimate: $60 Purchase Price : $54

    1986 36c Wildlife Definitives strip of 10 from base of sheet showing wide selvedge with colour control circles and 'MODULE 4', fresh MUH. BW 1153z, cat AU$150 as a block of 20


    Lot 482
    B ]
    Estimate: $750 Purchase Price : $670

    1989 Sports Definitives 39c Fishing in $3.90 booklet (Leigh-Mardon Scoresby printing on CPL paper Perf 13.33 x 13.60) error 'Misguillotined Booklet' resulting in booklet pane 'zig-zag' effect with no stamps complete. BW 1374cb, cat AU$2000


    Lot 486
    C ]
    Estimate: $100 Purchase Price : $88

    1995 'The World Down Under' 45c Giant Trevally design error 'Misplaced Die-cuts 6mm to the right' used on small piece with machine cancel. Believed to be from a booklet rather than a roll, and showing a small portion of a marginal inscription to the right that is normally trimmed off the booklet panes. Rare, it is not certain that any other examples survive. BW 1894b, cat AU$100


    Lot 487
    ^ ]
    Estimate: $900 Purchase Price : $787

    1995 45c Christmas from $8 booklet error 'Die-cuts Omitted' block of 4 on small piece cancelled at Toowoomba (Qld), May 1996. Minor wrinkles on lower units, otherwise very fine and the only recorded used examples. BW 1901Ab, cat AU$3200


    Lot 489
    ** ]
    Estimate: $2,200 Purchase Price : $1,981

    2000 Australian Olympic Games Gold Medallists: 45c Grant Hackett digitally-printed sheetlet of 10 error 'Printing Inverted' resulting in gross misplacement of perforations (the printing was made on pre-perforated sheets), fresh MUH and very rare. BW 2356b, cat AU$3000


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