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    Lot 786
    ** ]
    Estimate: $125 Purchase Price : $111

    1953 Food Production 3d Scarlet upper right corner MUH block of 18 with variety 'Colour Spur at Top of B of BEEF' and 'Retouch Beneath Milking Cup on Cow' Types Ii, III, V, VI, VII and VIII, BW 290 and 292 groups, cat AU$280+


    Lot 787
    FDC ]
    Estimate: $75 Purchase Price : $70

    1954 Royal Visit set on plain First Day Cover (fault on reverse), 3d with variety 'Re-entry in ROYAL VISIT, 3d, etc', BW 308i


    Lot 789
    ** ]
    Estimate: $6,500 Purchase Price : $5,825

    1956 Olympic Games Prepared for Use but Never Issued 3d Carmine-lake, fresh marginal example MUH, BW322E(1), cat AU$10,000. With 2018 Ceremuga Certificate


    Lot 791
    C ]
    Estimate: $75 Purchase Price : $70

    1956 Olympic Games 7d vertical pair with QEII 4d tied by Katoomba cds to 1957 (11 Nov) registered commercial cover, upper unit of former variety 'Weak entry in Top Left Corner', BW 333f


    Lot 792
    C ]
    Estimate: $30 Purchase Price : $26

    1956 Olympic Games 1/- Multicoloured solo franking on 1956 (17 Dec) airmail cover from Sydney to Germany, fine. A scarce usage for the second class (unsealed) airmail rate. BW cat AU$50


    Lot 793
    E ]
    Estimate: $3,500 Purchase Price : $3,146

    1958 30th Anniversary of Trans-Tasman Flight large-size essay on board (258mm x 314mm) by J.E. Lyle in shades of blue, similar to adopted design but with unadopted portrait of Kingsford Smith, denominated 6d and inscribed for 'NEW ZEALAND'. This design, originally prepared for a New Zealand stamp, was later adopted as well by Australia following the decision to make a joint issue. An attractive and important essay


    Lot 795
    C ]
    Estimate: $110 Purchase Price : $100

    1959-64 6d Banded Anteater solo franking on Radio Australia postcard from Melbourne to Indonesia, undeliverable and with various Indonesian instructional marks, plus D.L.O. Melbourne pointing finger and boxed 'RETURN TO SENDER' in red. Very attractive, and a scarce solo franking. BW cat AU$150


    Lot 797
    C ]
    Estimate: $50 Purchase Price : $45

    1959-64 1/2d Tasmanian Tiger solo franking on unsealed letter rate cover from Mornington (Vic) to Scotland, fine and much scarcer than the more usually seen postcard solo franking


    Lot 799
    C ]
    Estimate: $75 Purchase Price : $70

    1959 4d P.O. Sesquicentenary pair + 2/- Crocodile airmail cover (roughly opened) to Finland, 4d pair with unusual 'Dry Ink' effect, normal single on cover for comparison (2)


    Lot 802
    C ]
    Estimate: $100 Purchase Price : $88

    1962 Perth Games 2/3d on 1963 double airmail rate commercial covers (2) to U.K., comprising pair and combination with 2/3d Royal Visit, scarce and attractive duo (2)


    Lot 805
    C ]
    Estimate: $150 Purchase Price : $134

    1964-65 Birds 1/6d Galah pair punctured 'VG' tied to 1966 (date unclear) 'Museum Specimens Only' packet from Melbourne to USA, paying very scarce 30c (3/-) other articles per 2oz. by airmail rate, exceptional sd usage within decimal era, minor blemishes not detracting


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