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    Lot 560
    C ]
    Estimate: $160TStarting Price: $120

    1843 (28 Sep) inwards entire headed 'Burlington Quay Sept 28 1843' and endorsed 'p "Wallace" ', addressed to 'Elibank Cottage near Melbourne Port Phillip', manuscript '3' incoming ship letter charge and with 'SHIP LETTER/MELBOURNE' oval ds in red for FEB 17 (45) on reverse, a fine early inwards cover

    Lot 561
    C ]
    Estimate: $600Starting Price: $460

    1855 (6 Aug) registered cover from Maryborough to Ticino, Switzerland franked with 6d Woodblock and 1/- Registered Imperf (former just touched at right) tied by indistinct Barred Ovals. Postage paid to U.K. only, with handstruck 'd6' registration fee. Liverpool 'AUSTRALIAN/PAID/PACKET' cds in red on face, and with Maryborough, Melbourne and London backstamps. Back flap reinforced, otherwise generally fine, Palmer Census No. 15

    Lot 562
    C ]
    Estimate: $250Starting Price: $190

    1855 (26 Nov) registered cover from Maryborough to Carnoustie, Scotland, franked with 6d Woodblock and 1/- Registered (both four margins) tied by indistinct Barred Oval, manuscript '5' credit to GPO London, and handstruck 'd6' registration fee on arrival, Maryborough, Melbourne, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Carnoustie backstamps. Heavy toning

    Lot 563
    C ]
    Estimate: $600Starting Price: $460

    1857 (26 July) cover locally used at Geelong with 1d Yellow-green Queen-on-Throne (touched in places) tied by Barred Numeral '2', with Geelong small crowned oval backstamp. Back flap torn and some overall soiling, but a very rare solo usage of the 1d Queen-on-Throne, representing a 1d underpayment of the town rate

    Lot 564
    C ]
    Estimate: $350TStarting Price: $270

    1858 (14 June) cover to London with 6d Orange Woodblock Imperf (2) in contrasting shades, both four margins, and unusually tied by Ballarat oval ds rather than the numeral. Ballarat despatch and Melbourne transit backstamps, and London arrival cds on face, 14 August 1858. Horizontal fold otherwise fine and a very unusual usage

    Lot 565
    C ]
    Estimate: $150TStarting Price: $115

    1860 (Jul) cover to Locarno, Switzerland franked 1/- Octagonal Perf 12 and 6d Queen-on-Throne Rouletted tied by indecipherable numeral, with manuscript '6' accountancy mark in red, reverse with one flap fully and another partly missing, resulting in loss of despatch datestamp, various transit datestamps and Locarno arrival ds. Some soiling and other faults

    Lot 566
    C ]
    Estimate: $300TStarting Price: $230

    1861 (Aug) mourning cover from Geelong to Manchester with 6d black Woodblock Perf 12 tied by Geelong '2' numeral, back flap (and Geelong despatch ds) missing, and with Manchester arrival ds, SP 20 61, fine general appearance. A very scarce stamp on cover, and surprisingly so for the intended packet rate to England

    Lot 567
    C ]
    Estimate: $250TStarting Price: $190

    1862 back page of report (? Parliamentary Paper) folded for posting and franked with 1/- Octagonal Perf 12 (3, two damaged) tied by Melbourne '1' in thin bars, below which appears a boxed 'INSUFFICIENTLY PAID/VIA THE/UNITED KINGDOM' in red. Inside is an elaborate 'KONIGL SVENSKA OCC NORSKA CONSULATET PORT PHILLIP' handstamp, and the French transit sorting cds of 9 JUIN 62. There is no address, which may have been on a wrapper band, although Scandinavia seems a reasonable guess. Very unusual

    Lot 568
    C ]
    Estimate: $300Starting Price: $230

    1871 (15 Jan) cover (repaired at top) from San Francisco to historic 'Whi Whi/North Shore' (Careening Cove, Sydney) via Honolulu, bearing U.S. 2c + 10c pair tied by cork cancels, fine San Francisco Cal Paid datestamp in red, and unusually fine strike of rare framed 'MIS-SENT TO/MELBOURNE-VICTORIA' on front, backstamped Melbourne and Sydney

    Lot 569
    C ]
    Estimate: $500Starting Price: $380

    1876 (27 Dec) cover to London endorsed 'Via Brindisi' with 1876 8d on 9d Bell Surcharge tied by Melbourne duplex. Couple of very minor marks, otherwise very fine and a very scarce stamp used on cover

    Lot 570
    C ]
    Estimate: $250Starting Price: $190

    1885 (24 Apr) incoming mourning cover from London to Melbourne with 1883-84 6d Dull Green, overweight and with boxed 'DEFICIENT POSTAGE 6d/FINE _________ 6d/1s' in violet applied, and on arrival the oval '1s/MORE TO PAY' was added. Very fine

    Lot 571
    C ]
    Estimate: $200Starting Price: $150

    1886 (11 Feb) incoming cover from Edinburgh to Melbourne with 1883-84 6d Dull Green (a little faded) cancelled '131', endorsed 'Via Brindisi', subsequently redirected to Sydney, incurring a 2d fee indicated by the oval '2D/MORE TO PAY', fine

    Lot 572
    C ]
    Estimate: $300Starting Price: $230

    1886 (29 Sep) incoming cover from Scotland to Melbourne with 1883-84 6d Dull Green (good colour), overweight and with handstruck boxed 'DEFICIENT POSTAGE 6d/FINE ________ 6d/1s' in violet. On arrival the oval '1s/MORE TO PAY' was applied, the cover was subsequently redirected to Sydney incurring a further 2d due, and the handstamp was altered to '1/2'. Some minor staining and a few marks on reverse, otherwise fine

    Lot 573
    PS ]
    Estimate: $40TStarting Price: $30

    1893 (24 Jul) Swedish 5 ore postcard uprated with 10 ore adhesive, sent from Landskrona and addressed to William Brettschneider in Melbourne, with message referring to stamps, few marks and minor creases

    Lot 574
    C ]
    Estimate: $220Starting Price: $170

    1901 (17 Aug) Boer War cover to Mornington endorsed from a member of the 5th Victorian Mounted Rifles 'On Service South Africa' franked 1901 1d Transvaal optd 'E.R.I.' tied by 'FIELD POST OFFICE/BRITISH ARMY S. AFRICA' double ring ds, and with Pietermaritzburg (Natal) and Mornington backstamps. Few opts and slight soiling, otherwise fine and scarce

    Lot 575
    C ]
    Estimate: $30Starting Price: $22

    1906 (1 Feb) registered mourning cover per 'Sydney' to Mauritius via Colombo, faint arrivals on front, Registered Melbourne and Colombo backstamps, minor blemishes, a scarce destination

    Lot 576
    C ]
    Estimate: $80Starting Price: $60

    1909 (24 Sep) registered cover from Melbourne to Germany bearing black registration label, fine and early, handstamp of 'Max Hyman/9 Queen's Walk/Melbourne' (importer of tailor's trimmings) on reverse

    Lot 577
    C ]
    Estimate: $90TStarting Price: $70

    1910 (24 Feb) cover to Piraeus, Greece franked with 1d and 1d cancelled Melbourne machine to meet the 2d U.P.U. rate. Backstamped Port Taufiq transit and Piraeus arrival datestamps. Central vertical fold otherwise fine and a very unusual destination for Australian mail in this period

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