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    Lot 191
    O ]
    Estimate: $280 Purchase Price : $245

    1895-96 Watermark V over Crown (V2) 5/- Pale Red and Yellowish-green block of 6 (2 x 3) with manuscript cancel 'H J T/14 5 03', rare multiple from use for bulk postage by Education Department, also 1903 Watermark V over Crown (V4) 5/- Scarlet and Deep Green with portions of similar manuscript, overstruck by Williamstown cds. BW VD20,33 cat AU$875, SG D21,D33 cat 340+ (7)


    Lot 193
    C ]
    Estimate: $140 Purchase Price : $123

    1891 (27 Jul) front from Everton Station to Collingwood with 1d Reading Design cancelled '936' numeral in blue, and struck with 'T' in oval in same blue ink twice, one with manuscript '2d' (double 1d postage deficiency) and the other with manuscript '6d' (officially registered due to valuable enclosure). 1890-94 1d, 2d, and 5d Dull Blue and Brown-lake Postage Dues affixed and cancelled in manuscript. Heavy vertical crease and damaged lower right corner, but possibly the only known cover with three different values of the 1890-94 series


    Lot 195
    C ]
    Estimate: $220 Purchase Price : $199

    1892 (8 Jul) cover from London to Melbourne with 2d Jubilee, overweight and with handstruck 'T' and '25' (centimes) in blue pencil. On arrival the double deficiency was indicated by the 'T5D' in oval, and 1890-94 5d Dull Blue and Brown-lake PostageDue affixed and cancelled by smudged 'circle of dots' obliterator (rare on cover), Few tone spots and flap tears, a scarce postage due on cover


    Lot 196
    C ]
    Estimate: $180 Purchase Price : $158

    1893 (26 Jan) cover to Bendigo with G.B. 1881 1d cancelled Peterborough squared circle ds, struck with hexagonal 'T/15' and with 'T3D' in oval added on arrival. 1890-94 1d and 2d Dull Blue and Brown-lake Postage Dues affixed and tied by Bendigo cds, MR 2 93. Minor creasing down right side of envelope, otherwise fine


    Lot 197
    PS ]
    Estimate: $180 Purchase Price : $158

    1893 (27 Dec) U.S. 1c postal card sent from New York to Melbourne, additional adhesive affixed has fallen off and consequently the '15/CTMS/T' handstamp was applied, and the 'T3D' in oval double deficiency handstamp struck on arrival. 1890-94 1d and 2d Dull Blue and Brownish-red Postage Dues affixed and tied by boxed 'L.C. 2' ds, FE 7 94


    Lot 198
    C ]
    Estimate: $220 Purchase Price : $199

    1897 (12 July) unstamped cover from unknown overseas origin addressed to Melbourne, endorsed 'per Taiyuan' and receiving Sydney cds on arrival in Australia, together with handstruck boxed 'PAQUEBOT' and '5d' (for double 2d deficiency). In Melbourne the 'T' in oval was overstruck on the '5d' handstamp, and Wmk V over Crown (V2) 5d Pale Scarlet and Yellow-green Postage Due tied by double circle 'P.B.R./G.P.O./MELBOURNE'. Some minor cover defects, but a scarce stamp on cover


    Lot 199
    C ]
    Estimate: $180 Purchase Price : $158

    1904 (18 March) front of large OHMS envelope (damaged at top and with other small faults) from Nhill to Superintendent of Police at Stawell West, with 1d Punctured 'OS' (2, both slightly defective), but with weight noted as 3oz and therefore underpaid. Watermark V over Crown (V4) 1d Aniline Rosine and Green block of 5 affixed (overlapping top of envelope and three with minor faults) tied by Stawell West cds, MR 19 04. An unusual franking


    Lot 200
    C ]
    Estimate: $140 Purchase Price : $123

    1905 (7 Mar) local Brisbane letter with 1897-1907 1d pair, redirected to Melbourne and with 'TAX 4D' in oval applied before despatch, unusually without any corresponding Melbourne tax handstamp. Watermark V over Crown (V4) 2d Aniline Rosine and Green Postage Due pair affixed and tied by 'P.B. ROOM/MELBOURNE' cds, MR 11 05. Portion of back flap missing and one or two small peripheral faults, otherwise fine


    Lot 201
    PPC ]
    Estimate: $320 Purchase Price : $280

    1905 (25 Nov) picture postcard from Munich to Melbourne with Bavaria 10pf, handstruck boxed 'T' with manuscript '12 cts' converted on arrival to 2d due. Wmk V over Crown (V4) d and 2d Aniline Rosine and Green Postage Dues affixed and cancelled in manuscript, but recipient refused to pay deficiency, and struck with a fair strike of the rare boxed 'REFUSED/ON ACCOUNT/OF TAX' (why pay once you have seen the message!) Few minor blemishes but very scarce


    Lot 202
    C ]
    Estimate: $550 Purchase Price : $490

    1915 (Dec 15) stampless cover from Buenos Ayres addressed to W.P. Heslop at Wonthaggi, with 'T' in hexagon with manuscript '050', censored on arrival with handstruck 'Passed' in violet, and with 'T' in oval with manuscript '5d'. The postage due was collected using Victoria d Wmk Crown over A (2) and Commonwealth 1909 1d Red and Green Die II (4, block of 3 on reverse showing catalogued value tablet flaws g and h) affixed and tied by Powlett River cds. Two light vertical folds otherwise fine and a very scarce State/Commonwealth combination usage


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