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    Lot 866
    O/PS/C/LIT ]
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $800

    Remainder of the Julie Resch exhibit of 'From Design to Delivery' mounted on leaves, illustrating the design and distribution of stamps and stationery, and the many postal services which were proved, material ranges from approx 1910 to 1970s, and includes many interesting pieces, with stamp packing labels, Comptroller of Stamps stationery, airmails, crash mail, registered mail, certified mail, priority paid mail, postal note and money orders and associated stationery, stamped stationery, military mail, airgraphs, mail handling labels, many covers with instructional markings. Generally fine and a fascinating lot


    Lot 867
    C ]
    Estimate: $250 Purchase Price : $222

    Group of KGV frankings, values to 5d, and including 1934 and 1937 (2) airmail uses to New Guinea, others airmail uses to Austria (1937), Denmark (1937) and Batavia (1936), internal airmail usages including 1937 Narromine-Cobar first flight, 1d Pink SMW Perf 13 x 12 punctured OS (x3) on undeliverable 1927 Perth cover ( a scarce shade), and 1d Red Die I unusually deep shade + 3d Violet-blue punctured 'OS' on 1926 (30 Apr) unclaimed registered Perth cover. Few small faults, but generally fine (10 covers)


    Lot 868
    C ]
    Estimate: $60 Realised Price : $115

    Accumulation of King George V issues on cover, mostly 1d values and largely 1920s, range of machine cancellation types and slogans, few instructional markings, also 1922 Davis Bros Brisbane-Charleville flight cover with 4d with appropriate etiquettes, and a few later covers. Condition mixed (60 covers)


    Lot 869
    PPC ]
    Estimate: $30 Purchase Price : $26

    Circa 1913 picture postcard ('Sydney Heads') with message in French but unaddressed and apparently sent under cover, d Kangaroo affixed cancelled by indistinct double circle 'CONSULAT GENERAL de FRANCE/SYDNEY' cachet, and with very fine second strike alongside, unusual


    Lot 870
    PPC ]
    Estimate: $60 Realised Price : $60

    1913 (12 Feb) and 1913 (23 Jul) picture postcards featuring Sydney street scenes sent to New Caledonia and Paris respectively, each franked with 1d Kangaroo Die I in combination with N.S.W. d Green tied by Sydney cds (2)


    Lot 871
    C/PPC ]
    Estimate: $80 Purchase Price : $70

    1921 (26 Oct) picture postcard from Sydney to U.S.A. with 2d Orange KGV cancelled Sydney machine, and 1922 (10 May)m OHMS envelope with 2d Orange KGC punctured 'OS' used from Brisbane to Gatton (2 covers)


    Lot 872
    C ]
    Estimate: $30 Purchase Price : $26

    1932 (17 Feb) small cover from Melbourne to Carnegie with 2d KGV, with printed label in red affixed 'DELAYED Owing to/Insufficient Address./Please ask Writer to Include/Postal District Number'. Unfortunately with some heavy spotting on both sides


    Lot 873
    C ]
    Estimate: $50 Purchase Price : $45

    1939 Official Returned Letter bearing fine strike of razor-blade 'SUPT. MAILS/ADELAIDE/-7 JAN. 1939/No' datestamp, earliest date by one month


    Lot 874
    C ]
    Estimate: $40 Purchase Price : $35

    1941 (18 Apr) telegram form to Darwin bearing 'COLLINGWOOD/POST OFFICE' oval datestamp (PPA116 - RR) whilst in a state held together by two rubber bands, accompanied by original cover (opened roughly) with a better strike of cancel


    Lot 875
    C ]
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $115

    1946 (31 Jan) inwards from Great Britain printed 're-use' cover with framed cachet on reverse 'AIR MINISTRY/OVERSEAS SECTION/31 JAN 1946/WHITRHALL' in violet, typed endorsement 'By Air Bag' (diplomatic) and manuscript 'VIA LANCASTRIAN SERVICE'. On arrival in Melbourne registered by 'R.A.A,F. MELBOURNE' (red and black label) and forwarded to a food company in Adelaide. Very scarce


    Lot 876
    C ]
    Estimate: $60 Realised Price : $65

    1953 (31 Dec) airmail cover (opened at left) from Wellington (NSW) to Japan, franked 6d Kookaburra pairs x 2, commercial mail to this destination is very scarce in this era (2/- oz airmail rate)


    Lot 877
    C/PS ]
    Estimate: $400 Purchase Price : $350

    Collection of registered mail from New South Wales post offices, 1915-1965 (strength in 1920s and 1930s), including registration envelope stationery (10), various registration label types including Reddestone No. 1 label (1938), provisionals (1924 Mogriguy, 1924 Tarro, 1928 Dapto), black and blue labels including Yarrangobilly No. 1 label (1932), Long Bay altered by handstamp to Malabar (1934) and Uralla altered by handstamp to Gyuyra (1937), later blue labels including Gymea provisional type (1936), Casula manuscript registration details (1936), and Euston (1962) and Pooncarie (1966) with incorrect Victorian attribution corrected. A number of smaller and closed post offices are represented. Condition generally good to fine, and a nice lot of scarcer registered mail (33 covers)


    Lot 878
    C ]
    Estimate: $500 Purchase Price : $443

    1919-1950 collection of registered mail from Queensland post offices (including three registration envelopes), wide range of different registration label types, with red and black label (1919 Yarraman, 1935 Palmerville), red labels (1935 Gracemere provisional, 1936 Raglan converted to Rockhampton by handstamp), blue and black labels (including 1947 Altona Downs provisional, 1936 Edungalba converted to Rockhampton by Handstamp), blue labels (1942 Mulgeldie, 1935 Teviotville, 1935 Yatala provisionals, 1945 Charleville with 5d Emu cancelled three-line 'CHARLEVILLE/22 OCT 1945/Q'LD AUST', and manuscript provisionals from Quinalow (1934), Kalbar (1935), Yatala (1936) and RAAF PO Drayton (1950). A number of scarce and closed post offices with rated cds by Deel & Price. Some covers with mostly small faults, but generally good and a fine collection of scarcer registered mail (46 covers)


    Lot 879
    C/PS ]
    Estimate: $80 Purchase Price : $70

    Small group of registered mail from Victorian post offices, with 1922 Derrinallum to Australia with 3d Kangaroo (damaged) and 4d blue KGV with red label; 1925 4d registration envelope from Maldon with red label; 1935 from Elwood East with provisional blue label; and 1942 5d registration envelope from Woorinen with red label (4 covers)


    Lot 880
    C ]
    Estimate: $30 Purchase Price : $26

    Sydney 1925-26 registered covers with red labels, bearing KGV 4d Violet (distinct shades) and comprising 1925 from William Street, and 1926 from Castlereagh Street (2)


    Lot 881
    C ]
    1934 registered use of KGV 2d stationery envelope uprated with 3d Victorian Centenary to Footscray tied by superb strike of 'PRINCES PIER PORT MELBOURNE datestamp (APM No. 290), being the first day of use, and with black and blue 'rat's tail' registration label numbered '260', appropriate backstamps, cat AU$400+


    Lot 882
    L ]
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $105

    Registration Labels: Accumulation of labels, all States represented but strength in New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland, blue and blue and black types, some duplication, and including a good number of provisional handstamped or manuscript labels (approx 300)


    Lot 883
    C/PS ]
    Estimate: $60 Realised Price : $46

    1934 (17 Nov - last day) 6th Aust Philatelic Exhibition meter impression (with 'Australasion' error) applied to souvenir cover bearing scarce true Yellow-green 1/- Large Lyrebird, and KGV 1d stationery wrapper, registered and denominated 3d + 3d and 1d + 2d, respectively, for uprates for airmail to U.K., and newspaper rate within Australia (2)


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