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    General Sale No. 4

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    Lot 260
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $900

    Range of blocks, panes in stockbook, including 1906-08 1d (18), 1913-21 1d (24), Third Wmk 6d blocks of 8, 12 and 18, CofA Wmk 1d and 2d blocks of 18, 1938 2d block of 60, 1/- block of 48, 1953 Shilling values, strips with selvedge both sides, etc, mixed condition, many fine (100\\\\\\\'s). Huge catalogue value. Inspection required to appreciate

    Lot 261
    Estimate: $250

    1902-04 P11.8x11 ½d Dull Green (watermark inverted), BW D18a, SG D22, marginal block of 36 (6x6), adherences on four, otherwise generally fine unmounted

    Lot 262
    Estimate: $250

    1902 P11.8x11 ½d Emerald, BW D1, SG D1, right pane of 60 and part pane of 54 showing BW listed d-g and m varieties, toning (114)

    Lot 263
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $115

    -: Blank at base ½d and 6d, 1902-04 Designed completed ½d mint, 1d, 5d, and 5/-, 1906-08 1d in used blocks of four, variable condition (28)

    Lot 264
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $180

    1902-04 Blank Design at base set ½d to 5/-, the 3d and 4d upright wmks (8)

    Lot 265
    Estimate: $400

    -: Blank Design at base ½d Green, complete sheet (separated into two panes showing BW listed varieties d-j,l-m, creasing on few (120). Cat $2264

    Lot 266
    Estimate: $400

    -: P11.80 ½d Emerald, BW D2, four blocks of 30 from both panes of sheets of each listed primary and secondary flaws except for D2k, toning in places (120). Ex Sheppard

    Lot 267
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $80

    -: P11.8x11.5 6d with four-ring CTO cancellation, BW D13w, supplied by W.A. Post Office for distribution to U.P.U.

    Lot 268
    Estimate: $75

    1909-10 Thick paper blocks of four of 1d (3), 2d (3), 6d (2), 1/- (2 plus block of six) and 5/-, cancelled with Poste Restante, Parcel Post and Registered, etc, mixed condition, (54)

    Lot 269
    Estimate: $125

    1913-21 Thin paper ½d Scarlet and Pale Green, BW D93, SG D76, block of 15, minor toning

    Lot 270
    Estimate: $100

    -: ½d scarlet and pale green block of 4, ½d rose-red and green block of 4, 1d rose-red and green blocks of four (5), Sideways 1d block of 4 mint and 6, 1d scarlet and pale yellow green block of 4 mint and used, 2d block of 4, ½d carmine and yellow-green block of 8, 1d and 2d blocks of four, mixed condition

    Lot 271
    Estimate: $400

    -: ½d Carmine and Yellow-Green, BW D95, SG D79a, blocks of 36 and 48 showing various constant value plate flaws, (84) Cat £1344

    Lot 272
    Estimate: $350

    1958-63 No Watermark Die II, 3d (35), 4d (102, incl 13 strips of 5 with selvedge both sides), 10d five horizontal strips of five in block with selvedge both sides (25), occasional fault, (162)

    Lot 273
    Estimate: $75 Realised Price : $60

    -: ½d, 1d, 3d, 4d and 6d in horizontal strips of five with selvedge both sides, (25)

    Lot 274
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $120

    1904 PPCs (3) to Strahan with Blank at base Dues, ½d (2), 2d, 1d and 2d with non-postal cancels, various instructional markings

    Lot 275
    Estimate: $200

    1905 and 1907 covers Victoria to Hobart each bearing 4d Blank at base, one cancelled by datestamp, other mss. cancel, each with \\\\\\\'T4D.\\\\\\\' in black oval

    Lot 276
    Estimate: $100

    1923 and 1933 Post Cards printed for Commonwealth Bank, the earlier bearing KGV 1d Violet, \\\\\\\'T1D\\\\\\\' in black oval and 1d affixed and cancelled by pen strokes, 1933 stampless with 2d affixed and mss. cancel, mss. \\\\\\\'TAX\\\\\\\' and \\\\\\\'T2D\\\\\\\' in pencil

    Lot 277
    Estimate: $100

    1937 (25th Oct) registered cover Melbourne to Sunshine bearing NSW Sesqui 2d only, underpaying registration fee of 3d and taxed at 6d, with 1931-37 1d (2) and 4d affixed and cancelled by mss and straight-line date stamp, oval \\\\\\\'T\\\\\\\' and mss.\\\\\\\'6d\\\\\\\', framed \\\\\\\'IRREGULARLY/POSTED\\\\\\\' in black, filing crease, still attractive

    Lot 278
    Estimate: $400

    1938 (29th Dec) airmail Perth to Melbourne bearing KGVI 2d (2) and QM 1d, underpaying double airmail rate by 3d, \\\\\\\'T/6D\\\\\\\' in hexagon, 1931-38 3d Postage Due pair affixed and tied on arrival, few stains though rare on cover


    Lot 279
    Estimate: $100

    1939 (30th Jan) airmail cover Perth to Melbourne bearing KGV 2d and QM 1d (3) underpaying the double airmail rate by 3d, Third Wmk 6d SG D112D affixed cancelled by Perth cds 1.2.39

    Lot 280
    Estimate: $125

    1940 (22nd Apr) cover New York to Melbourne bearing US 2c, various US tax markings, on arrival \\\\\\\'T\\\\\\\' in oval and mss \\\\\\\'3½\\\\\\\', 1938 Recess Frame Plate ½d and 3d affixed and tied by Sunshine cds\\\\\\\'s. Both values scarce on cover

    Lot 281
    Estimate: $300

    1950 (29th Mar) underpaid airmail cover Los Angeles to Sydney bearing US 25c, \\\\\\\'T/(mss.150)/CENTIMES\\\\\\\' within circle and framed \\\\\\\'T/(mss.4/2)/Nº1\\\\\\\' both in violet, 1946 Redrawn 1d (50) in multiples affixed and tied on arrival. Remarkable franking of low value Due


    Lot 282
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $230

    1962 covers (4, one front) used late or last day of use of Postage Dues bearing No Wmk 1/- + 1d (3), 4d, 10d, 3d + 1d + 6d, various tax markings also cover bearing 5d with circular cachet \\\\\\\'OVER (mss. 3)/OZS./(mss. 1/6)/T.\\\\\\\', underpaying quadruple rate by 9d, Postage stamps 1/- and 6d applied and pen cancelled, plus 1963 PMG form letter advising \\\\\\\'ABOLITION OF POSTAGE DUE STAMPS\\\\\\\' and stampless cover with 10d postage stamp paying deficiency, (7 items)

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