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Sale No. 72

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    Online Sale No. 65

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    Lot 265
    Estimate: $650

    2d Die I, 2d Die IIA, 2d Deep Blue, 2d Indigo, 3d Die I (2), 3d Die II (centred left), 6d Ultramarine Die II, 6d Milky Greyish-blue Die II (centred right), 9d Violet Die II, 9d Pale Violet Die IIB, 1/- Blue-green Die II, mostly lightly hinged and generally well-centred (12)


    Lot 266
    Estimate: $150

    Punctured 'OS' 2d, 2d, 3d Die I, 6d Blue, 6d Chestnut, 9d Die 2B, 1/- Die 2B, 2/- Brown, 5/- generally fine used (5/- CTO) (9)


    Lot 267
    Estimate: $60

    2d Grey Die I Watermark Inverted lightly mounted and large part OG but with gum thin


    Lot 268
    Estimate: $60

    2d Deep Blue fine MUH


    Lot 269
    Estimate: $550

    2d Indigo punctured Small 'OS' block of 4 with 'fluffy' perfs very fine MUH. BW cat AU$1800


    Lot 270
    Estimate: $80

    3d Yellow-olive Die I centred upper right, fine MUH


    Lot 271
    Estimate: $120

    3d Olive Die I Watermark Inverted lightly mounted with large part OG, centred lower Right


    Lot 272
    Estimate: $3,500

    6d Pale Ultramarine Plate 3 Left Pane of 60 MUH, No. 6 being the variety 'Broken Leg of Kangaroo', some gum creasing and tone spots (especially on the lower two rows), the variety unit having two tone spots, one in top margin being visible on face, and other minor imperfections, nevertheless of very good appearance. Possibly a unique multiple. BW 20Cd, cat AU$39,625+


    Lot 273
    Estimate: $140

    9d Violet Die IIB Watermark Inverted cancelled MA 21 cds, couple of blunt perfs at top left. BW 27a, cat AU$275


    Lot 274
    Estimate: $120

    1/- Blue-green Die II Watermark Inverted, large part OG with horizontal crease at top not visible from face. BW 32a, cat AU$550


    Lot 275
    Estimate: $220

    2/- Brown lightly hinged with large part OG, centred right


    Lot 276
    Estimate: $900

    2/- Brown Punctured Small 'OS' horizontal pair variety 'Watermark Inverted', cancelled Stock Exchange Melbourne cds (1917). Partly severed and reinforced, otherwise very fine and a rare multiple. BW 37baa, cat AU$3000+


    Lot 277
    Estimate: $750 Realised Price : $625

    2/- Aniline Red-brown, fine example of this rare shade other than for a couple of minor perf defects, with 2018 Drury Certificate. BW 37G, cat AU$2000


    Lot 278
    Estimate: $300

    2/- Maroon punctured OS MUH slightly toned gum


    Lot 279
    Estimate: $1,100 Realised Price : $850

    2/- Maroon Harrison imprint pair from Plate 1, two tiny spots on reverse, otherwise fine MUH. BW 38(1)za, cat AU$2000+


    Lot 280
    Estimate: $350

    5/- Grey and Pale Yellow punctured Small 'OS', part OG and centred left. BW 44Db, cat AU$1250


    Lot 281
    Estimate: $150

    10/- Grey and Deep Aniline Pink optd SPECIMEN Type B, small mark in right margin, large part OG


    Lot 282
    Estimate: $2,500

    1 Light Brown and Pale Blue, large part OG and lightly hinged, centred upper left with light horizontal bend


    Lot 283
    Estimate: $800 Realised Price : $600

    1 Light Brown and Pale Blue fine used and well-centred


    Lot 284
    Estimate: $320

    1 Grey part OG and centred upper right, somewhat heavily hinged


    Lot 285
    Estimate: $11,000

    1 Grey Harrison imprint block of 4, lightly hinged in gutter and on upper right unit, slightly toned gum and of very fine appearance, with second line of imprint trimmed as is the case with most of the recorded imprints of this stamp. BW states only six imprint blocks of 4 are recorded, cat AU$20000


    Lot 286
    Estimate: $150

    2 Black and Rose optd SPECIMEN Type B, centred upper left, large part OG and with remnants of gummed strip affixed to reverse (? from a repaired sheet)


    Lot 287
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $380

    2 Purple-black and Rose optd SPECIMEN Type C, centred slightly right, MUH


    Lot 288
    Estimate: $275

    2 Purple-black and Rose optd SPECIMEN Type C sub-type 1 (Damaged 'C'), centred to top, regummed. BW 56xd, cat AU$1000


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