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    Lot 41
    * ]
    Estimate: $800 Purchase Price : $699

    1891 d to 20/- mint with large part OG, the d to 5/- Perf 10, and the 10/- and 20/- Perf 12 x 10, the latter pair with very ragged perforation. Also d Perf 10 mint block of 12 with large part OG, several units with small tone spots, and additional 2d Perf 10 x 11. SG D1-10, cat 2000+ (24)


    Lot 42
    ** ]
    Estimate: $1,000 Realised Price : $1,450

    1891-97 Watermark Crown over NSW 5/- Green Perf 11 marginal from base of sheet, pale shade MUH and very fine, probably the finest recorded example of this very rare stamp. BW ND34 cat AU$2000 as hinged, SG D8a cat 750


    Lot 43
    C ]
    Estimate: $140 Purchase Price : $123

    1890 (4 Dec) cover from Kyneton (Vic) to Murrumburrah with 2d Stamp Duty, redirected on arrival to Wallenbeen and with manuscript '2d To Pay' for redirection fee. Reverse showing evidence of affixing of docket for the collection of the postage due, which once collected was removed and forwarded to the Accountant at the G.P.O. An interesting cover illustrative of the system used prior to the introduction of postage due adhesives


    Lot 44
    C ]
    Estimate: $350 Purchase Price : $315

    1890 (18 Dec) cover from Harwich (U.K) to Melbourne with 6d Jubilee tied by squared circle ds, re-addressed to Sydney on arrival (20 Jan 1891) and with '2D/MORE TO PAY' in oval applied, 2d Postage Due Perf 10 affixed and tied by 'NSW' in ovals. This cover was posted prior to the issue of New South Wales postage dues, and is one of the earliest recorded covers. A cover crease at right does not affect the adhesives


    Lot 45
    C ]
    Estimate: $750 Purchase Price : $670

    1891 (14 Jan) cover (opened out) from Melbourne to Culcairn with 1d Reading Design tied by Melbourne duplex, underpaid for intercolonial rate and 'T' in oval applied with manuscript '2', 'manuscript '2d to pay' added in red pencil on arrival. Reverse with 1d Postage Due Perf 10 marginal pair affixed and tied by '1045' numerals of Culcairn (14 JA 1891 cds). Fine, and a very early use of New South Wales Postage Dues


    Lot 46
    C ]
    Estimate: $750 Purchase Price : $670

    1896 (26 Jun) large cover (360 x 125mm, opened out and affixed to backing sheet) with 1d Centennial strip of 3 cancelled Sydney duplex and addressed to Warren, with 'Legal Documents only' endorsement and '4/6 to pay' in blue pencil. On reverse has been affixed 1d Postage Due Perf 10 blocks of 30, 18 and 6 cancelled variously Warren datestamp or '395' in rays to meet the deficient postage. Few cover faults and there are some stamps with relatively minor defects, but an extraordinary franking representing the highest postage due franking recorded


    Lot 47
    C ]
    Estimate: $320 Purchase Price : $280

    1898 (Jan) cover from Tasmania with 2d Sideface posted shipside or on board and cancelled on arrival by Sydney cds (JA 10 98), and with double oval 'LOOSE SHIP/LETTER'. 2d loose ship letter fee indicated by handstruck '2D' and affixing 2d Postage due Perf 11 x 12 tied by 'NSW' in ovals. Most of back flap missing and some light soiling, but very scarce


    Lot 48
    C ]
    Estimate: $380 Purchase Price : $338

    1900 (15 Aug) stampless cover endorsed 'On active service unable to Procure stamps' and with 'ARMY P.O./S. AFRICA cds, addressed to Forbes and with handstruck '1D' added on arrival, 2d 'Record Reign' adhesive affixed and tied by double oval FORBES/N.S.W.' ds in violet. Reverse endorsed 'From Tryn(?) Brinstead/6043 I.Y. Scouts/Pretoria'. Peripheral cover faults, however a fine Boer War cover showing the rare use of postage stamps in lieu of postage due adhesives


    Lot 49
    C ]
    Estimate: $460 Purchase Price : $420

    1901 (2 Jul) Boer War cover endorsed '4607 Trooper Bueler NZMR/Active Service No Stamps Available' and with 'FIELD POST OFFICE/34/BRITISH ARMY S. AFRICA' double circle ds, addressed to Sydney with further endorsement 'over oz' and therefore charged 2d rather than the usual 1d military concession rate. 2d Postage Due Perf 12 x 11 affixed and tied by 'NSW' in ovals. Pietermaritzburg, Durban and Sydney backstamps. Some minor cover faults but a fine and scarce incoming Boer War cover


    Lot 50
    C ]
    Estimate: $220 Purchase Price : $199

    1902 (28 Jan) cover from Birmingham to Cuambeline with G.B. 1881 1d, underpaid for 2d U.P.U. rate and hexagonal 'T/15/L' applied, converted to double deficiency on arrival and handstruck '3D' added, with 1d Perf 11 and 2d Perf 11 x 12 Postage Dues on Chalk-surfaced Paper affixed and tied by '470' in rays of Dandaloo. Most of back flap missing, otherwise fine


    Lot 51
    C ]
    Estimate: $1,100 Purchase Price : $991

    1902 (18 Dec) cover from Ellon, Scotland to Walgett, with 2d KEVII, rated as overweight and with hexagonal 'T/25' handstamp applied. On arrival in Sydney, the double deficiency was indicated by the handstruck '5D', and 2d Postage Dues Perf 11 x 12 Chalk-surfaced Paper (x 2) were affixed together with Commonwealth 1902-04 Base Completed 1d, all tied by Walgett cds. A couple of small tone spots on face, otherwise fine and an exceptional and rare State/Commonwealth postage due combination cover


    Lot 52
    C ]
    Estimate: $1,400 Purchase Price : $1,224

    1903 (10 Mar) cover from Manila, Philippines to Sydney with 2c and 3c (opts on U.S.) tied by Manila killers, underpaid for U.P.U. rate and with handstruck '25/CTMS/T' applied. On arrival the double deficiency of 5d was indicated by manuscript pencil, and 2d Postage Dues Perf 11 Chalk-surfaced Paper (x 2) in combination with Commonwealth 1902-04 Base Completed 1d were affixed and tied by 'NSW'. Fine and a remarkable and very rare State/Commonwealth Postage Due combination cover


    Lot 53
    PPC ]
    Estimate: $180 Purchase Price : $158

    1909 (Mar) picture postcard sent unstamped from Sydney to Walla Walla, with circular 'MORE TO PAY/2D' and 2d Jubilee affixed in lieu of postage due stamp, tied by Walla Walla cds. Fine and scarce


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