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    Lot 285
    C ]
    Estimate: $800 Purchase Price : $699

    1870 (28 Jan) large part cover from Sydney to Antigua via Southampton per R.M.S "Geelong", franked 6d and 1/- Diadems Perf 13 each cancelled and tied with Sydney duplex and representing the ½ oz rate, and with arrival backstamp. The cover rather flimsy and repaired at top, left and rear flap and portion of the reverse missing nonetheless of good appearance


    Lot 288
    C ]
    Estimate: $200 Purchase Price : $175

    1873 (3 Nov) cover from the Curator of Intestate Estates to London with 6d Bright Mauve De La Rue pair Perf 13 tied by Sydney duplexes. Exceptional quality, a fine double rate cover carried via San Francisco


    Lot 293
    C ]
    Estimate: $120 Purchase Price : $105

    1876-1889 covers to U.S.A. with 6d (2), 10d and 1/- frankings, with 'PAID ALL ' in oval (3) or in circle markings. Two covers without back flaps, and other two with faults (4 covers)


    Lot 294
    C ]
    Estimate: $300 Purchase Price : $268

    1876 (7 Apr) cover to Nantes, France with 2d Prussian Blue De La Rue Perf 11 x 12, 3d Yellow-green Diadem Perf 11 and 6d Pale Lilac Perf 13 tied by Sydney duplexes, arrival backstamp, and with manuscript '1½' in red for amount due to the London G.P.O. Very fine quality, representing the 11d ½ ounce via San Francisco


    Lot 296
    C ]
    Estimate: $250 Purchase Price : $222

    1879 (20 Feb) cover to Marseilles with 2d, 4d and 6d De La Rue tied by Sydney duplexes, with 'AUSTRALIE V BRINDISI' transit datestamp in red, and Marseilles receiving backstamp. Very fine and attractive, overpaying the via Brindisi rate by 2d


    Lot 297
    C ]
    Estimate: $180 Purchase Price : $158

    1880 (7 Oct) cover to Bordeaux, France with 1877 8d Yellow Diadem Perf 13 tied by Sydney duplex, endorsed 'Per S.S. "Australia" Via San Francisco', and with scarce '1½D' handstamp in purple for the amount due to the London G.P.O. Few minor marks on face and some pink staining on reverse


    Lot 299
    C ]
    Estimate: $200 Purchase Price : $175

    1881 (22 Jul) cover to Oppeln, Germany (readdressed to Karlsbad) with 1871-1902 2d and 6d tied by Sydney duplex, and with handstruck '1½D' accountancy marking in violet. Some minor soiling, otherwise fine


    Lot 303
    C ]
    Estimate: $120 Purchase Price : $105

    1887 (3 Dec) cover from Narrandera to Cleveland, Ohio with 1882-97 1d Watermark Crown over NSW (II) Perf 11 x 12 strips of 3 (2) tied by '242' numerals, and with 'PAID ALL' in oval in purple, Despatch and arrival datestamps on reverse. Flap missing, otherwise an attractive 'Paid All' cover


    Lot 307
    C ]
    Estimate: $60 Purchase Price : $54

    1896 (14 Feb) registered cover from Sydney to Toronto, Canada, with 2½d Allegorical Figure and 3d Diadem cancelled 'R' in oval, very fine


    Lot 310
    PPC ]
    Estimate: $75 Purchase Price : $70

    1904 (3) and 1905 picture postcards, each franked 1d Shield addressed to U.K. and underpaid, with 'N.S.W./T/5' or 'N.S.W./T/10' shield tax handstamps or 'MORE TO PAY', two are readdressed with ½d or 1d KEVII (4)


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