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    Bidding closes at 5pm AEDT on Friday 1st October 2021

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    Lot 108
    C ]
    Estimate: $150Starting Price: $115

    1844 (31 Mar) outer from Bungonia to Maitland, with good strike of Bungonia crowned oval datestamp, and with Sydney (AP 2) and Maitland (AP 4) transit and receipt ds, rated '1/1' in red. Fine and rare, with only a handful of examples of the Bungonia ds recorded


    Lot 109
    C ]
    Estimate: $140Starting Price: $105

    1845 (4 Sep) envelope from Sydney to Parramatta, rated '4', with fine crowned oval 'GENERAL POST OFFICE/SYDNEY' ds and PARRAMATTA/NEW S WALES' oval ds (in blue) on reverse. Few minor marks and light soiling


    Lot 110
    C ]
    Estimate: $200Starting Price: $150

    1856 (19 Jan) local Sydney outer with 1d Laureate Wmk Double-lined '1' (somewhat oxidised) tied by 'NSW' oval obliterator for 1d town letter rate, Sydney backstamp, fine condition


    Lot 111
    C ]
    Estimate: $120TStarting Price: $90

    1856 (24 Sep) outer from Sydney to London, endorsed 'per "John Bunyan" ' with handstruck '3' in black for ship letter charge crossed through and manuscript '6' added, Sydney despatch and London arrival backstamps. Torn back flap, otherwise fine


    Lot 112
    C ]
    Estimate: $750Starting Price: $575

    1856 (11 Oct) cover 'per Montmorency' Sydney to Scotland franked Imperf 6d and 1/- Diadems four margins each except where cut into at left on 6d, representing the double 9d (2 x 6d ship letter + 2 x 3d colonial rate) rate. The adhesives struck with the Sydney dumb obliterator which ties one of the values. The rear with Sydney departure and Ayr arrival cds and the face with a Liverpool transit mark. Creased and small repair at top otherwise a scarce double rate


    Lot 113
    C ]
    Estimate: $450Starting Price: $340

    1857 (18 Jun) entire (one side flap missing) from Sydney to London, with 6d Greyish-brown (2) and 1/- Pale Red Imperf Diadems (all with four margins) cancelled by dumb obliterators, endorsed 'via Marseilles' and with 29 AU 1857 arrival ds in red. One 6d crossed by vertical filing crease, still a scarce 2/- Marseilles rate cover


    Lot 114
    C ]
    Estimate: $1,200Starting Price: $900

    1857 (10 Nov) outer from Sydney to Hong Kong with 6d Greyish-brown Diadem Imperf (four large margins) tied by barred obliterator. endorsed 'p "City of Sydney" ' and with manuscript '4'(d) to collect from addressee (for Far East leg of journey). Very fine and a scarce destination, ex Burrus


    Lot 115
    C ]
    Estimate: $7,500Starting Price: $5,750

    1857 (10 Dec) envelope from Sydney to Leicester U.K. bearing imperf 1d Orange-red (torn in lower right corner) cancelled dumb obliterator, and endorsed 'From Geo. Millican, Seaman on board H.M.S. "Herald", Australian Station', signed by John Hutchinson (Commanding Officer). Leicester arrival backstamp, FE 7 58. Very rare, believed to be one of only two military concessional rate covers bearing an imperf N.S.W. stamp, ex Trevor Davis and Ed Druce


    Lot 116
    C ]
    Estimate: $500Starting Price: $380

    1858 (11 Sep) large part outer from Sydney to Liverpool 'pr European S Supplementary' and franked 1/- Brownish-red Imperf Diadem (close to large margins) with central cancel of NSW in concentric ovals (not tied), representing the ship letter plus 6d supplementary fee for carriage to Melbourne to meet a ship already departed Sydney. Few file folds though a scarce example of this service


    Lot 117
    C ]
    Estimate: $200Starting Price: $150

    1858 (27 Sep) cover to Ipswich, Queensland with 1856 2d Blue Diadem Plate I Imperf (touched at base) tied by Sydney 'N.S.W.' in concentric ovals, Ipswich OC 10 1858 backstamp. Cover tear at top left, otherwise fine


    Lot 118
    C ]
    Estimate: $70TStarting Price: $55

    1859 (23 Feb) incoming entire from London to Sydney with 'LONDON/PAID' cds in red, endorsed 'Via Marseilles' and rated '9'(d) in red, reverse with 'SHIP LETTER/SYDNEY' cds, fine


    Lot 119
    C ]
    Estimate: $200Starting Price: $150

    1860 (22 Nov) cover from Blayney to Auckland, New Zealand with 1860-63 Perf 12 6d Grey-brown Diadem cancelled '70' ray type numeral (not tied), arrival ds for DE 17 1860 on face, and ds for Bathurst (NO 22 1860) and Sydney (NO 24 1860) on reverse. Envelope without flap and few small faults


    Lot 120
    C ]
    Estimate: $350Starting Price: $270

    1865 (18 Feb) cover (opened at left) from Sydney to Rhode Island endorsed 'per Madras' and franked 1/- Diadem Perf 13 and 2d De La Rue cancelled two strikes of the Sydney duplex though not tied. London and New York transit datestamps and '16/CENTS' handstamp on front. Faint soiling mainly confined to rear. Ex Trevor Davis


    Lot 121
    C ]
    Estimate: $300Starting Price: $230

    1865 (20 Apr) cover to Providence, Rhode Island with Perf 13 1/- Carmine Diadem used with 2d De La Rue tied by Sydney 'NSW' in concentric ovals duplexes. Handstruck '16/CENTS' and mss '8' accountancy marks in red, latter also tying 1/-, with London transit ds and indistinct New York arrival ds on face


    Lot 122
    C ]
    Estimate: $500Starting Price: $380

    1867 (1 Jun) cover to Bordeaux, France with Perf 13 1/- Carmine Diadem used with 2d De La Rue tied by Sydney 'NSW' in concentric ovals duplexes, endorsed 'via Panama'. Manuscript '8' accountancy mark in red and 'PD' in circle in red on face, with arrival ds (26 AOUT 67) on reverse. Despite the endorsement, this cover was sent on the usual P & O service leaving Sydney on 24 June


    Lot 123
    C ]
    Estimate: $500Starting Price: $380

    1868 (5 Jun) envelope to Major Kent of the 77th Regiment at Peshawar, India, franked 6d Violet Diadem Perf 13 pair tied by Sydney 'N.S.W.' in concentric ovals duplex, endorsed 'Per Mail of 17th June by Geelong'. Reverse with various Indian transit ds. Some peripheral age stains but a fine double rate cover to a scarce destination


    Lot 124
    C ]
    Estimate: $400Starting Price: $300

    1869 (31 Dec) outer to Libourne, France with Perf 13 1/- Rose-carmine Diadem used with 4d De La Rue and tied by Sydney 'NSW' in concentric ovals duplex, endorsed 'Via Marseilles', and with unframed 'P.D.' in red. Arrival ds on reverse for 24 FEVR 70. Some flap faults still a fine example of the 1/4d rate for a oz. letter via Marseilles


    Lot 125
    C ]
    Estimate: $1,000Starting Price: $750

    1870 (28 Jan) large part cover from Sydney to Antigua via Southampton per R.M.S "Geelong", franked 6d and 1/- Diadems Perf 13 each cancelled and tied with Sydney duplex and representing the oz rate, and with arrival backstamp. The cover rather flimsy and repaired at top, left and rear flap and portion of the reverse missing nonetheless of good appearance


    Lot 126
    C ]
    Estimate: $800Starting Price: $600

    1871 (23 Feb) envelope with contents from Tocumwal to Tennessee, U.S.A. with 6d Purple diadem Perf 13 and 4d De La rue strip of 3 tied by '507' ray type numerals, 'SAN FRANCISCO CAL/10' ds (APR 13) on face, and four transit ds on reverse. Endorsed 'Via England Overseas Route' but apparently underpaid and sent by the trans-Pacific route. Small portion of back flap missing and stain on face (apparently where an adhesive was removed prior to posting)


    Lot 127
    C ]
    Estimate: $30TStarting Price: $22

    1875 (20 Oct) cover from Gundagai to Paterson, New Jersey, with 1871-84 6d Lilac tied by '46' rays type numeral, and with 30mm 'PAID ALL' circular handstamp in red. Gundagai despatch and Sydney transit cds on reverse, and 'SAN FRANCISCO/PAID ALL' transit cds in red on face. Few tears at top of envelope and with flap defect


    Lot 128
    C ]
    Estimate: $300Starting Price: $270

    1878 (28 Oct) small mourning cover from Sydney to Rouen, France franked with very late use of 1/- Diadem Perf 13 (replaced two years earlier by 1/- DLR), tied by Sydney duplex and French transit cds. Redirected to Germany upon arrival and charged '10' pfg. Rear flap with tears though an unusual example of redirected mail


    Lot 129
    C ]
    Estimate: $550Starting Price: $480

    1881 (24 Jun) envelope to Germany bearing 1871 8d Yellow Perf 13 tied by Sydney 'N.S.W.' in concentric ovals duplex, and endorsed 'Via Naples per John Elder'. The correct rate to Germany at this time was 9d, and the boxed 'INSUFFICIENTLY/PAID' was applied, also the rare diamond 'GB/1F66c' Anglo-French accountancy mark. The latter would seem to be an error, as this cover was not routed through France. An unusual usage


    Lot 130
    C ]
    Estimate: $250Starting Price: $190

    1881 (22 Jul) cover to Oppeln, Germany (readdressed to Karlsbad) with 1871-1902 2d and 6d tied by Sydney duplex, and with handstruck '1D' accountancy marking in violet. Some minor soiling, otherwise fine


    Lot 131
    C ]
    Estimate: $180Starting Price: $135

    1885 (28 Jan) cover to Regensburg, Germany with 1/- Black Perf 10 tied by Sydney duplex, handstruck '1D' accountancy mark in purple (scarce), and fine arrival backstamp. Ex Ron Butler


    Lot 132
    C ]
    Estimate: $40Starting Price: $30

    1895 (29 Jul) advertising cover for I. Israel, Bonus Tea Warehouse, with trademark crowing rooster and caption 'While I live I'll crow', sent from Sydney to London, minor blemish


    Lot 133
    C ]
    Estimate: $100Starting Price: $75

    1896 (27 Jul) cover to Paris with 1882 Watermark Crown over NSW (II) Perf 10 3d Emerald-green pair used with d Grey and 1d Centennial tied by Barred Numeral '390' of Kogarah. Horizontal fold, otherwise fine, and a scarce triple U.P.U. foreign rate


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