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    Lot 73
    C ]
    Estimate: $500 Purchase Price : $443

    1873-84 Bell Designs d Pale Red Perf 12 pair used with Naish 2d Brown and 6d Blue Laureates (2) on 1882 (2 Apr) registered cover from Daylesford to Switzerland, tied by Daylesford '173' duplexes and with framed 'REGISTERED' handstamp and large octagonal 'R' in purple applied in Europe. Italian transit backstamp 'BRINDISI/20/MAG/82' and very fine double circle 'AMBTE MILANO-CHIASSO/No 2' TPO, and arrival cds of Bignasco and Locarno


    Lot 74
    C ]
    Estimate: $250 Purchase Price : $222

    1873-84 Bell Designs d Rosine Perf 12 used with 6d Laureate and Naish 1d Green on 1883 (Nov) cover from Tallarook to Lombardy Italy, tied by barred numeral '343' without bars of Tallarook plus unframed Tallarook cds above, with backstamps of Melbourne and Vila Di Tirano, (partial). Disinfection slits applied due to typhoid outbreak at the time, some faults, still an attractive use


    Lot 75
    C ]
    Estimate: $250 Purchase Price : $222

    1873-84 Bell Designs d Rose-red Perf 13 with 1/- Deep Blue on Blue Perf 13 pair (cancelled with faint barred numeral) plus Naish 1d (cancelled by pen stroke) on 1884 (9 Apr) registered cover without despatch cds and addressed to Saxony, endorsed 'Per R.S.S. Ballarat' and 'To be registered' with Melbourne 'Belt & Buckle' oval ds at left and octagonal 'R', transit backstamp of Brindisi and arrival cds of 19 5 (84)tamp on back. Some small faults but attractive


    Lot 81
    C ]
    Estimate: $1,500 Purchase Price : $1,340

    1878 Bell Design Emergency Printing on coloured Paper: d Rose-red on Pink strips of 6 (2) and vertical pairs (2) (all grossly mis-perforated and cut apart with scissors from the same sheet, one unit defective) on 1878 (30 Mar) registered cover from Geelong to Doyle's Creek tied by barred numeral '2', superb 22mm 'REGISTERED/GEELONG' cds (earliest recorded date) and handstamped with oval 'REGISTERED' and Melbourne transit cds on front, backstamped with Sydney transit and West Maitland datestamps of 4 and 5 April. Endorsed 'Try West Maitland' crossed out and 'The Secretary General Post Office Sydney'. Undeliverable and forwarded back to Victoria where Melbourne May 11 datestamp applied, minor blemishes on reverse. Ex Rod Perry


    Lot 82
    C ]
    Estimate: $350 Purchase Price : $315

    1885-95 Naish Stamp Duty Designs d Pink used with 1884-96 large size Stamp Duty 1/- Chalky Blue/Lemon (SG 257) on registered cover from Chiltern to Ticino, Switzerland, tied by Chiltern cds, and with framed 'REGISTERED' and octagonal 'R' handstamps in black, reverse with Brindisi, 'AMBT MILANO-CHIASSO' TPO, Swiss transit and arrival backstamps, minor blemishes


    Lot 85
    C ]
    Estimate: $75 Purchase Price : $70

    1899-1901 Watermark V over Crown d Emerald Stamp Duty pair used with 1d Red on Yellow pair and single on 1900 (27 Jun) registered cover from Stawell to Cork, Ireland, tied by Stawell cds and with backstamps of 'ENGLISH MAIL T.P.O.' duplex and Cork arrival cds


    Lot 87
    PS ]
    Estimate: $100 Purchase Price : $88

    1901-10 Watermark V over Crown (V4) d Blue-green Perf 12 pair used on 1d Postal Card previously cancelled-to-order MELBOURNE FE 22 01 (from Federal presentation set), addressed to Sydney dealer T.H. Nicolle with d pair cancelled Cranbourne cds. The card is used by Rev H.W. Lane whose opinion of the CTO cards was somewhat less than that of modern-day collectors!


    Lot 91
    C ]
    Estimate: $75 Purchase Price : $70

    1905-13 Watermark Crown over Double-lined A d Blue-green Perf 12 used on 1907 (3 May) printed syllabus card for 'Amateur Photographic Association of Victoria', tied by Melbourne cds and used locally


    Lot 93
    PPC ]
    Estimate: $40 Purchase Price : $35

    1905-13 Watermark Crown over Double-lined A d Blue-green Perf 11 on 1909 (26 Mar) picture postcard of 'Town Hall, Sydney' to France, cancelled by Melbourne machine cancel, 1d underpaid for foreign postcard rate and handstamped octagonal 'T/10c', on arrival French 10c Postage Due affixed and cancelled


    Lot 96
    PS ]
    Estimate: $300 Purchase Price : $268

    Postal Cards: 1908 1d (pale) Visit of US Fleet Postal Card uprated with d Blue-green and used 1910 (12 Dec) to Germany, cancelled with Melbourne machine cancel. A late philatelic usage


    Lot 98
    PS ]
    Estimate: $200 Purchase Price : $175

    Wrappers: 1901 d Blue-green wrapper used 1902 (2 Jul) to 'Reuter's Telegram Company/Sydney', cancelled by M&W Type 2 (27mm medium octagon) 'DOWN TRAIN/M.G.6/JY 2/02/VICTORIA'. Only four covers recorded in this period


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