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    Lot 691
    Estimate: $275

    Used accumulation of early Ceres and Napoleon issues, with 1849-52 Ceres Imperf 20c, 25c (9), 1853-61 Napoleon Imperf 10c (12, incl pair), 20c (13), 40c (9), 80c, 1862 Napoleon Perf 14 x 13 5c (6), 10c (4), 20c (6), 40c (6), 80c (3), 1863-70 Napoleon Laureated 1c, 2c (2), 10c (6), 20c (6), 30c (5), 40c (5), 80c (2), 1870-71 Bordeau Ceres Imperf 4c (cut into), 1870-76 Ceres Perforated 1c (5), 2c (2), 5c (3), 10c (3), 15c (14), 25c (13 incl pair), 30c (3), 40c (7), 80c. Some faults, but many fine four margin stamps and a wide range of shades represented (149)


    Lot 692
    Estimate: $200

    1849 Ceres Imperf 15c Green on bluish-green good margins three sides, close to touching on left, cancelled star obliterator. SG 4, cat 1100


    Lot 693
    Estimate: $200

    1849 Ceres Imperf 1f Carmine good margins all round and cancelled lozenge obliterator, small ironed out crease in top left corner. SG 19, cat 1000


    Lot 694
    Estimate: $160

    1863 Laureated 40c Orange no gum and slightly soiled. SG 119, cat 600


    Lot 695
    Estimate: $220

    1870s - 1980s mint and used accumulation on stock cards, with range of Peace and Commerce and Sower issues, many later commem and pictorial issues from 1924 on with many better stamps, mostly fine to very fine (few 100s)


    Lot 696
    Estimate: $60

    Picture Postcards: Small group, mostly from the early 1900s with a few later, range of subjects and mostly postally used and several taxed, including 1905 card from French Guiana. Few faults but generally fine (18)


    Lot 697
    Estimate: $140

    1855-62 range of entires or envelopes with single frankings of Imperf 20c Blue Napoleon III for inland mail, many shades represented and many with four margins, and showing a variety of diamond numeral obliterators. Some small faults but many fine and a useful group (21 covers)


    Lot 698
    Estimate: $80

    1860s-1870s Perforated Napoleon and Ceres issues on cover, comprising Napoleon 20c Blue range of printings and cancellations (7), and Ceres 20c Blue (3, one with pair) and 40c Orange (5), some with defects, but a number are very fine (15 covers)


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