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    Lot 657
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $115

    1857-1938 used collection on printed leaves, imperfs mostly with four margins incl 1862 1d embossed cancelled British P.O. Arica cds, and 1872 1p embossed, 1880-1883 U.P.U. overprints and triangle overprints, 1894 President overprints, later issues more complete but lacking the scarcer stamps. Generally fine and a useful base collection (331)


    Lot 658
    Estimate: $450 Realised Price : $340

    Pacific Steam Navigation Company: 1862 Prepared for Use but not Issued 1r in Blue, Rose, Yellow and Green, 2r in Brown, fine and attractive with four margins (except 2r touched at left), only 800 of each printed (5)


    Lot 659
    Estimate: $30

    1863 Arms Embossed 1p Brown, good even margins, cancelled central Lima cds, very fine. SG 16


    Lot 660
    Estimate: $750 Realised Price : $575

    1874-1938 collection of SPECIMEN overprints on pages, with 1874-95 Arms Pictorials (and later colour changes) to 20c in horizontal pairs with various opts in red; 1895 Installation of President set to 1s plus 1c block of 17; 1896-1900 Portraits set to 2s incl shades with various opt types and colours; 1897 Post Office Building 1c-5c; 1899-1902 high Value 22c, 5s and 10s; 1907-08 Pictorial set to 1s various opt types; 1909 Portrait set to 1s various opt types; 1918 Portrait and Pictorial set to 2p various opt types; 1938 5s and 10s Pictorials in blocks of 8 and 6 respectively. Also Postage Due incl 1874 5c, 10c and 20c; 1899 5s and 10s (two each); 1909 and 1921 Numeral sets with various opt types and colours; and Official 1909-14 set. Many with archival punch holes and virtually all fresh MUH. A very fine and rarely offered lot, ex American Bank Note Co. archives (330)


    Lot 661
    Estimate: $500

    1899-1902 President Nicolas de Pierola with inscriptions removed 5s Orange-red and 10s Blue-green, and Postage Due 5s Yellow-green and 10s Purple-brown, overprinted seriffed SPECIMEN in blue (5s Orange-red) or red. Superb MUH and very scarce, ex American Bank Note Co. archives, SG 353-354,D355-356 (4)


    Lot 662
    Estimate: $2,000

    1899 Postage Due 10s Purple-brown cancelled Lima cds. Three central thin spots, however a very rare stamp of which only 150 were printed, with most used examples having defects similar to this copy. SG D256, cat 1700


    Lot 663
    Estimate: $500

    1935 400th Anniversary of Lima 2c Brown, 4c Violet, 10c Scarlet and 15c Ultramarine Imperforate marginal or corner pairs. Also 1932-33 First Anniversary of Constitutional Government 4c Chocolate Imperforate marginal block of 4, and 1935 Tercentenary of founding of Ica 10c Magenta Imperforate marginal single. All superb MUH ((13)


    Lot 664
    Estimate: $200

    1937 Pan-American Technical Aviation Conference 10c Violet, 15c Blue-green, 25c Sepia and 1s Black each in a vertical block of 10 overprinted SPECIMEN in red, each stamp additionally with small punch hole. Superb, ex American Bank Note Co. archives (40)


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