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    Lot 918
    Estimate: $130

    1915 d Bright Emerald KGV 'Star' Embossed CTO with 'MELBOURNE/VICTORIA' cds 3 JL 15 for U.P.U. distribution, very fine. BW EP6, cat AU$250


    Lot 919
    Estimate: $400 Realised Price : $300

    1918-36 small group of KGV Post Office embossed envelopes, with 1918 1d + d Star (BW EP14) (2), 1918 1d Black-brown Star (EP18), 1919 1d Brown Star (EP19(1)), 1920 2d Orange Star No 'POSTAGE' (EP21), 1923 1d on 2d Red Star (EP26), 1923 1d Green Star (EP27(2)), 1924 1d Red Star (EP28(1)), 1928 1d Red Oval (EP31(1)), 1930 2d on 1d Red Oval (EP35(1)), 1930-37 2d Red Oval (3 - EP36(1), EP36(6)A, EP36(6)B). All very fine unused, BW cat AU$1740 (13)


    Lot 920
    Estimate: $220 Realised Price : $170

    1919-22 KGV 'Star' Embossed Design, comprising 1d Brown, 2d Orange and 2d Red, each CTO with G.P.O. Melbourne cds for U.P.U. distribution, fine. BW EP20(1)w,21w,23(1)w, cat AU$450 (3)


    Lot 921
    Estimate: $500

    1928 KGV Oval Embossed d Orange, 1d Green, 1d Red, 2d Brown each CTO with 'G.P.O./MELBOURNE' cds for U.P.U. distribution, very fine. The d, 1d and 2d represent the only printings of these values on Post Office stock, the dies being reserved otherwise for stamping of private envelopes. BW EP29,30,31w,33, cat AU$1100 (4)


    Lot 922
    Estimate: $250

    1942-78 mainly mint collection of KGVI and QEII Post Office envelopes, with KGVI BW EP42(7)A, B, EP44(2), EP45(1), EP46, EP48(1) optd SPECIMEN, EP48(4), EP49(2), QEII pre-decimal issues largely complete including 4d and 5d Light Blue long type optd SPECIMEN, and 5d Dark Blue and 5d Light Blue cancelled first day, and Decimal issues 4c to 20c showing various text and font changes (55)


    Lot 923
    Estimate: $50 Realised Price : $38

    Envelopes: 1960 QEII 5d Blue with 'AUSTRALIA'S FIRST AUTOMATIC POST OFFICE' overprint, fine unused. BW EP60c, cat AU$100


    Lot 924
    Estimate: $120 Realised Price : $90

    Stamped-to-order Envelopes: 1913 d Green Kangaroo for Warden Harry Graves, Ltd. uncancelled but passed through the post, the Sydney machine cancel accidentally being on the reverse. Few spots and missing flap, but scarce, BW ES1, cat AU$500. See article in 'The Australian Philatelist' Spring 1990, 'The 1913 Unwatermarked Kangaroo' for the significance of this envelope


    Lot 925
    Estimate: $180

    STO Envelopes: 1916-18 d Yellow-green KGV 'Star' Embossed on laid batonne stock without any printing, fine unused. BW ES25, cat AU$400


    Lot 926
    Estimate: $350

    STO Envelopes: 1920(?) KGV 1d Red 'Star' Embossed + d Green 'Star' Embossed + d Green Sideface cut-out cancelled at Melbourne, 12 March 1921. The famous 'tripleton' of which only about half-a-dozen complete envelopes are recorded. BW ES38, cat AU$500 as cut-out


    Lot 927
    Estimate: $400

    STO Envelopes: 1922-24 1d Violet, 1924-28 1d Green and 1922-23 2d Red KGV 'Star' Embossed, each unused with printed address for British Australian Wool Realisation Association Ltd., 2d with vertical crease, others fine. A scarce group, BW ES41, 43 and 61, cat AU$800 (3)


    Lot 928
    Estimate: $180

    STO Envelopes: 1919-21 1d Brown KGV Die 3 'Star' Embossed on off-white wove envelope. There is no printing on the envelope but this stock was not used for Post Office issues. Very fine unused, BW ES52, unpriced unused


    Lot 929
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $230

    Small group of unused KGV, KGVI and QEII STO envelopes, with KGV 2d Red oval embossed, KGVI 1d Green (2, one for Australian Defence Canteens), 1d Green, 2d Red (on large envelope for Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society, vertical crease), 3d Green Crowned Circle, QEII 3d Red Large Die, 5d Dark Blue (2), 5d Light Blue. Mostly fine, and a scarce group in unused condition. BW cat AU$875 (10)

    Lot 930
    Estimate: $650

    Stamped-to-Order Envelopes: 1938 1d Green George V + 1d Green George VI Oval Embossing uprated with 1d Green Queen Elizabeth Die 1 for the 3d foreign rate, used from Hobart to Los Angeles, 2 May 1939. A single order of 1,000 was printed of this doubleton, of which it is thought about six examples survive. Torn flap extending to a small tear into the face of the envelope, couple of small marks but otherwise good. BW ES68, cat AU$4000


    Lot 931
    Estimate: $50

    Stamped-to-Order Envelopes: 1930 'TWO/PENCE' on 1d Red KGV Embossed Oval for Dennys, Lascelles Ltd unused, tear at base. BW ES70, cat AU$400


    Lot 932
    Estimate: $50

    Stamped-to-Order Envelopes: 1937-41 1d Green KGVI Embossed Oval ('AUSTRALIAN/DEFENCE/CANTEENS') and 2d Red, latter folded at centre for return to The Texas Company, unuse4d. BW ES75 and 83 (2)


    Lot 933
    Estimate: $80

    Official Envelopes: 'OS' in Die selection comprising 'Star' Embossed 'THREE/HALFPENCE' on 2d Red (fine), 1d Scarlet, 'TWO/PENCE' on 1d Scarlet, and Oval Embossed 'TWO/PENCE' on 1d Red, three typically late uprated usage up to reign of QEII, odd fault (4). BW EO14, 15, 16 and 18, cat AU$625 (4)


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