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    Lot 864
    C ]
    Estimate: $2,500 Purchase Price : $2,214

    1909-10 Watermark Crown over Double-lined A Thick Paper Perf 11 1d Rose and Yellow-green Die II showing variety 'Notch in Top Frame 1mm From Left Corner' (Frame plate 2, No. 115), slightly toned otherwise very fine and cancelled by Queensland cds 24 DE 14. A very rare stamp that is rarely offered for sale, with 2003 RPSV Certificate. BW D79, cat AU$3250, SG D74, cat 1400


    Lot 873
    C ]
    Estimate: $120 Purchase Price : $105

    1905 (14 Aug) folded 'Aloha From Hawaii' illustrated lettercard to Hobart with U.S. 5c tied by Honolulu cds, taxed 25 centimes, with handstruck '5D' applied on arrival, and with 1902 Blank Base 1d and 4d postage dues affixed and cancelled by somewhat messy Hobart South cds. Card partly split along fold


    Lot 880
    C ]
    Estimate: $120 Purchase Price : $105

    c1920 Shierlaw front with KGV 1d Red-brown Single Wmk tied by straight-line 'POSTED IN LATE FEE BAG', and with framed 'T1D', 1d Wmk Crown over Double-lined A Thin Paper postage due affixed for payment of late fee, tied by manuscript pencil


    Lot 881
    C ]
    Estimate: $90 Realised Price : $

    1921 Cover to Pokolbin (NSW) with 2d Orange KGV cancelled Perth machine, with manuscript 'T8d' in blue pencil, and with 1913-23 Watermark Crown over Double-lined A 1d Carmine and Apple-green postage due pairs (2) and singles (4) cancelled Pokolbin cds. Minor peripheral faults and toning


    Lot 883
    C ]
    Estimate: $50 Purchase Price : $45

    1922 (22 May) cover from Perth to Richmond (NSW) franked KGV 2d Red, overweight and with handstruck 'T4D' in circle, 1d Carmine and Pale Green Third Wmk block of 4 postage dues affixed and tied by Richmond cds. a few peripheral cover faults, and an early use of the Third Wmk issue


    Lot 885
    C ]
    Estimate: $200 Purchase Price : $175

    1925 (23 Jul) McKenzie & Co. Auctioneers oversize/overweight cover sent from Echuca to Melbourne franked 2d only, oval 'T' and mss 'over 6ozs' and '1/5d', Third Watermark 2d and 5 x 3d postage dues affixed and tied by Private Box Room Melbourne cds, some blemishes, attractive for Exhibit


    Lot 887
    C ]
    Estimate: $100 Purchase Price : $88

    1934 (9 Apr) Trans-Tasman 'Faith in Australia' return first flight cover with 1d KGV and 3d Air Mail pair, plus New Zealand 3d and 4d Air Mails, insufficiently paid with boxed 'T/4D' and 'NOT ELIGIBLE FOR/AERIAL MAIL FEE/DEFICIENT./SYDNEY NO. 1' applied at Sydney in reddish-pink. 4d C of A Wmk postage due affixed and tied by manuscript pencil in red. Generally fine and unusual


    Lot 889
    C ]
    Estimate: $120 Purchase Price : $105

    1935 printed matter cover to Melbourne wuth U.S. 1c tied by New York machine cancellation, with triple circle 'CUSTOMS DUES/T1D/2' applied and 1922-30 Third Wmk 1d postage due affixed, uncancelled. Some tone patches on envelope, but a very scarce usage of the 1d postage due


    Lot 890
    C ]
    Estimate: $200 Purchase Price : $175

    1937 (30 Jul) OHMS cover from Palestine to Sydney, with 1932-44 8m Scarlet tied by Jerusalem cds, manuscript 'T 30 cts' in blue pencil, and 1931-37 C of A Watermark 3d postage due affixed and tied by 'DELIVERY G.P.O./SYDNEY' cds. 2cm tear at top, otherwise very fine and a scarce postage due stamp on cover, BW cat AU$300


    Lot 893
    C ]
    Estimate: $90 Purchase Price : $82

    1947 (19 Nov) used on P.M.G. Department 'P.M.23A' card with 1946-56 Redrawn Value Plate 1d, 2d (5) and 1/- (6) postage dues cancelled Balldale (NSW) cds, with manuscript explanatory note '6/11 stamps thereon amount paid on parcel returned from France'


    Lot 896
    C ]
    Estimate: $120 Purchase Price : $105

    1954 (22 Dec) Business Reply Post cover from Melbourne to South Melbourne, with 1946-56 Redrawn Value Plates 1/- block of 8 and single tied by South Melbourne cds, paying for 9/- worth of reply paid mail, single 1/- damaged otherwise fine


    Lot 897
    FDC ]
    Estimate: $120 Purchase Price : $105

    1957 (24 Apr) unaddressed cover with Adelaide cds and framed 'T8D', 8d postage due affixed and tied by scalloped oval 'DELIVERY WINDOW/G.P.O. ADELAIDE' ds of 24 APR 1957, being the day of issue. BW D137y, cat AU$200


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