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      Internet General Sale No. 80

    • All amounts are in Australian dollars.
    • Lots with a "T" after the Estimate are subject to GST of 10% on the Reserve Price.
           Overseas buyers are exempt from paying this charge.
    • Purchase Prices include the Buyer''s premium of 16.5% (including GST).
    • Realised Prices do not include the Buyer''s Premium (and GST if applicable).


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    Lot 1063
    PPC ]
    Estimate: $100 Purchase Price : $88

    1902 Blank Base: 1902 (22 December) picture postcard from G.B. to Sydney with 1d KEVII, hexagonal 'T' handstamp applied, and with 3d postage due affixed and tied by 'NSW' in ovals obliterator. Fine, and a surprisingly scarce value on cover, BW cat AU$250 as a solo franking


    Lot 1064
    C ]
    Estimate: $80 Purchase Price : $70

    1905 (31 May) local Brisbane cover with 1d tied by 'GPO' obliterator, with 'LATE FEE' and 'T3D' in oval, 1902-04 1d and 2d Postage Dues affixed and tied by pencil manuscript crosses. Fine


    Lot 1065
    PPC ]
    Estimate: $100 Purchase Price : $88

    1906 (3 Jan) unstamped picture postcard from Wellington (NZ) to Manly (NSW), circular '2d/DOUBLE DEFICIENCY TO PAY' applied, and 1902-04 1d Postage due pair affixed and cancelled by straight-line 'MORE TO PAY', very fine


    Lot 1066
    PPC ]
    Estimate: $150 Purchase Price : $134

    1908 (25 Aug) picture postcard sent from Mount Perry (Qld) using South Australian 1d adhesive, not at that stage valid for postage so left uncancelled with Mount Perry cds alongside and manuscript 'T2d', Brisbane machine transit cancel, addressed to Sydney with 1906-08 1d Postage Dues (x 2, a little damaged due to overhanging postcard) affixed and tied by Markets NSW cds, the card subsequently re-addressed to Grantham, Qld


    Lot 1067
    C ]
    Estimate: $120 Purchase Price : $105

    1914-1929 group of underpaid picture postcards from Great Britain (4) or Switzerland, underpaid with appropriate tax markings and with ½d pair, 1d (3) or 1d plus ½d bicolour Postage Dues affixed, generally fine (5)


    Lot 1068
    C ]
    Estimate: $120 Purchase Price : $105

    1914 (26 Oct) cover from New York to Sydney with U.S. 2c tied by machine, underpaid 3c and twin circle 'T/NY CENTIMES/30/A' applied. 'OPENED BY CENSOR' tape at left, unusually without tax handstamp on arrival, double deficiency indicated by affixing 1913-21 1d Postage Dues strip of 3 cancelled by the '376' numeral used at the G.P.O., very fine


    Lot 1069
    C ]
    Estimate: $120 Purchase Price : $105

    1921-36 underpaid picture postcards from U.S.A. to New South Wales (3) or Victoria, with appropriate tax markings and with 1d bicolour Postage Dues affixed, one 1936 card showing 1d Postage Due cancelled Neutral Bay (NSW) cds in violet, generally fine (4)


    Lot 1070
    C ]
    Estimate: $120 Purchase Price : $105

    1934 (10 Dec) airmail cover (opened three sides) from Nottingham to Kerang (Vic) carried on the second direct flight from England to Australia. Franked 4d representing only the surface rate plus airmail within Australia, the correct rate was 1/3d and hence 10½d underpaid, indicated by hexagonal 'T' handstamp with mss '210' (gold centimes), and with 'T' in oval added on arrival with mss '1/9' double deficiency. Reverse with 1941-36 ½d pair, 2d pair and 4d block of 4 Postage Dues cancelled Kerang cds 1 JA 35. A fine underpaid air mail cover


    Lot 1071
    C ]
    Estimate: $500 Purchase Price : $443

    1931-37 C of A Watermark 1/- Carmine and Yellow-green and 3d Carmine and Yellow-green pair tied by 'DELIVERY ROOM/SYDNEY N.S.W.' cds on 1936 (19 May) cover from London franked 1½d block of 4 thus underpaid for airmail delivery, hexagonal 'T' handstamp and manuscript 'T 1/6'. Portion of back flap missing and some small cover faults. Both postage due values very scarce on cover, the 1/- BW cat AU$1000 on cover


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