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Sale No. 73

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    Online Sale No. 72

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    Lot 492
    Estimate: $50 Realised Price : $48

    d Green solo franking on 1917 (5 Mar) unsealed printed envelope 'VOTE J.C.L. FITZPATRICK/THE SELECTED NATIONAL CANDIDATE', tied by Orange cds and addressed to Amaroo. Attractive


    Lot 493
    Estimate: $500

    d Green variety 'Clubbed Fraction Bar at Left' (3R11) cancelled Sydney machine ds. BW 63(3)r, cat AU$1500


    Lot 494
    Estimate: $800

    d Pale Green Electro 3 variety 'Crack Through S.W. Corner' (3L58), a late state, fine used and cancelled Rockhampton machine. BW 63(3)o, cat AU$23000


    Lot 495
    Estimate: $550

    d Pale Emerald Single Line Perf 14.2 showing line watermark indicating position to be No. 60 on pane, tiny stain on top right perf and one blunt perf at right otherwise fine and cancelled Melbourne cds 8 FE 16. BW 64, cat AU$1000


    Lot 496
    Estimate: $160

    1d Red used on 1915 (29 Sep) 'Souvenir Folding Post Card' featuring 22 coloured views of Sydney Harbour, used from Haymarket to Epsom (Vic), fine and attractive


    Lot 497
    Estimate: $50

    1d Salmon-red Smooth Paper tied by Sydney repeater cancel to 1914 (22 Dec) locally addressed postcard (BW 761C - cat AU$350 on cover), also 4d KGV registration envelope (flapless, but foxed) uprated 1918 (23 May) by Rough Paper 1d, sent from Geelong to Melbourne (2)


    Lot 498
    Estimate: $40

    1d Dull Red (semi-surfaced paper) Die II tied by Ballarat repeater cancel to 1915 (14 Apr) cover to Queenscliff, roughly opened


    Lot 499
    Estimate: $30

    1d Deep Red Smooth Paper x 3 tied by 1916 (17 May) Hobart machine cancel to E.G. Tregear & Co. advertising cover to USA, fine application of Hobart censor handstamp


    Lot 500
    Estimate: $900 Realised Price : $800

    1d Salmon Eosin centred left and cancelled by N.S.W. cds, 24 DE 17. Some pink staining on reverse, otherwise fine. BW 71S, cat AU$2500


    Lot 501
    Estimate: $150

    1d Brown-red punctured 'OS' centred left, fine with part Dandenong (Vic) cds, scarce. BW 71Wbb, cat AU$250


    Lot 502
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $340

    1d Chocolate Electro 7 varieties on cover, with 'Right Side of Cliche Damaged by Many Flaws' (BW 85(7)m, subsequently substituted) tied by indistinct Victoria cds on 1920 (11 May) cover to Melbourne; and 'Cracked Electro Through Top of Left Value Tablet' (BW 85(7)l) tied by Geelong machine cancel to 1920 (29 Apr) cover to Melbourne. Two rare plate varieties, possibly unique on cover. Also Electro 8 variety 'No Top to Crown' (BW 85(8)j) in pair used on 1920 (25 Sep) cover from Surat (Qld) to USA. BW cat AU$480 as used (2 covers)


    Lot 503
    Estimate: $300

    1d Red Electro 15 variety 'Substituted Cliche' (15R40) with very light machine cancel. BW 89(15)ib, cat AU$800


    Lot 504
    Estimate: $180

    1d Red Electro 23 variety 'Cracked Electro Through King's Neck to Beard' (23R44, advanced state), fine used cancelled dated cds, 24 AP 26. BW 89(23)r, cat AU$300


    Lot 505
    Estimate: $80 Realised Price : $60

    2d Orange Punctured 'OS' variety 'Watermark Inverted', large part slightly toned OG. BW 95b(a), cat AU$400


    Lot 506
    Estimate: $100

    2d Orange Punctured 'OS' variety 'Watermark Inverted' five used examples all with dated cancellations, couple of short perfs otherwise fine. BW 95b(a), cat AU$500 (5)


    Lot 507
    Estimate: $800 Realised Price : $600

    2d Orange Harrison imprint pair, very fine MUH, imprint 6.25mm below stamps and from Electro 4, although not showing the associated flaws on L60 and R55. BW 95(4)z, cat AU$3000 for a hinged block of 4


    Lot 508
    Estimate: $50

    2d Orange Electro 6 variety 'Retouched GE of POSTAGE' (6R36), centred lower right, part OG and somewhat heavily hinged. BW 95(6)h, cat AU$200


    Lot 509
    Estimate: $400

    2d Orange unlocated variety 'Cracked Electro Through Right Wattles to L of AUSTRALIA', large part OG, few small tone spots on gum, fine appearance and very rare. BW 95(U)o, cat AU$1250


    Lot 510
    Estimate: $800

    2d Red group of major electro varieties, comprising 'Retouched Nose' (11R10), 'Recut Right-hand 2' (12AR54), 'Retouched Face' (14L12), and 'Right Frame Largely Missing' (16L55), the first three fine used, the last (cat AU$3500) with damaged top left corner. BW 96(11)i, 96 (12A)j, 96(14)f, 96(16)l, cat AU$4450 (4)


    Lot 511
    Estimate: $40 Realised Price : $34

    2d Red Punctured 'OS' and with 'Watermark Inverted' fine used (3)


    Lot 512
    Estimate: $140 Realised Price : $105

    2d Red Punctured 'OS' variety 'Watermark Inverted' horizontal pair cancelled Sydney cds 6 AU 23 centred left and fine used, a scarce multiple. BW 96b(a), cat AU$600


    Lot 513
    Estimate: $500

    2d Red Electro 11 variety 'Retouched Nose' (11R10) left unit in horizontal strip of 3 reinforced with hinges, toned gum and one unit with vertical crease, but rare. BW 96(11)i, cat AU$2500+


    Lot 514
    Estimate: $200

    2d Red Electro 11 variety 'Retouched Nose' (11R10) two fine used examples. BW 96(11)i, cat AU$600 (2)


    Lot 515
    Estimate: $160

    2d Red Electro 11 variety 'Retouched Nose' (11R10) punctured 'OS' and with 'Watermark Inverted', small tear in top margin otherwise fine used and probably a unique combination. BW 96(11)a(i), cat AU$300++


    Lot 516
    Estimate: $350

    2d Red Electro 12A variety 'Recut 2 at Right' (12AR54) four examples fine used, one dated. BW 96(12A)j, cat AU$1000 (4)


    Lot 517
    Estimate: $50

    2d Red Electro 12A variety 'Recut 2 at Right and Broken Top to Crown' (12AR54), couple of slightly short perfs otherwise fine used and cancelled Port Lincoln (SA) cds, 3 MR 24. BW 96(12A)j, cat AU$250


    Lot 518
    Estimate: $500

    2d Red Electro 14 variety 'Retouched Face' (14L12) unused (cat AU$3000), no gum and with short perfs down right side, and used (2), one with a couple of shortish perfs. BW 96(14)e, cat AU$3800 (3)


    Lot 519
    Estimate: $100

    2d Red Electro 14 variety 'Retouched Face' (14L12) used with tiny thin on reverse, cancelled Moyhu (Vic) cds dated 26 AU 23. BW 96(14)e, cat AU$400


    Lot 520
    Estimate: $160

    2d Red Electro 14 variety 'Retouched Face' (14L12) fine used. BW 96(14)e, cat AU$400


    Lot 521
    Estimate: $4,000

    2d Red Electro 16 variety 'Large White Flaw in Left Value Tablet' (16L4) large part OG, with horizontal crease across upper part of stamp not visible on face. An extremely rare variety in red, this is thought to be the only recorded mint example, and a major KGV rarity. Also a fine used example of State I of the same position (identified by a small white dot below loop of right-hand '2'. BW 96(16)f, cat AU$9750 (2)


    Lot 522
    Estimate: $1,500

    2d Red Electro 16 variety 'Large White flaw in Left Value Tablet' (16L4) fine used with machine cancel, matched with the pre-flaw state in red, and two examples of the variety in red-brown. A fine group. BW 96(16)f, 97(16)f, cat AU$3800 (4)


    Lot 523
    Estimate: $1,200 Realised Price : $900

    2d Red Electro 16 variety 'Lower Frame Missing Under TWO PENCE' similar to 16R58 and 59, but with different associated flaws and with line watermark at right. Short light diagonal crease in lower right corner otherwise fine used. This is the only recorded example and is the stamp referred to in the footnote in the catalogue. BW cat for 16R58/59 AU$3500


    Lot 524
    Estimate: $90 Realised Price : $70

    3d Blue small selection on hagners, with Harrison Plates M (4) and U (6, five punctured 'OS') shades, and plate flaws incl listed varieties 1L51, 1R30 U, and 2L19 'Broken Leg of Emu' M (2) and U (3); Mullett Plates with M corner block of 4 (3 X Type A, 1 x Type B, 3 MUH but few tone spots), Type B M & U, and Type A U block of 4. Generally good to fine (11M and 19U)


    Lot 525
    Estimate: $80 Realised Price : $65

    3d Blue Plate 4 Mullett imprint pair, 4R55 with variety 'White Flaw over IA of AUSTRALIA', very fine and mounted in gutter only


    Lot 526
    Estimate: $150

    3d Violet-Blue Harrison Plates variety 'Broken Leg of Emu' (2L19) mint (2, one with ragged perfs at left) and used (2, both dated). BW 104l, cat AU$350 (4)


    Lot 527
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $170

    4d Orange selection of mostly dated examples demonstrating the shades of the various printings, including 4d Lemon (x 8), and including NWPI mint (x 2)v and punctured 'OS' (6), also a few stationery cut-outs (105)


    Lot 528
    Estimate: $120

    4d Pale Milky Blue variety 'Thin FOU of FOUR' fine used, with 2019 Drury Certificate. BW 112D(2)eb, cat AU$350


    Lot 529

    4d Blue Harrison Plates variety 'Watermark Inverted' in Bright Ultramarine and Dull Ultramarine shades, large part OG. BW 113A,Baa, cat AU$400 (2)


    Lot 530
    Estimate: $6,000

    5d Very Dark Chestnut Comb Perf block of 4, very fine with large part OG and mounted on upper units only. The colour of this block is somewhat lighter than the catalogued 'Intensely Dark Brown' (BW 123F), but is nevertheless a very rare (and uncatalogued) shade. With 2012 Ceremuga Certificate


    Lot 531
    Estimate: $600

    5d Brown Single Line Perf JBC Monogram pair, R59 variety 'Retouched N.E. Corner State II', R60 variety 'Flawed P of PENCE State II', pencil notes in right selvedge erased, and with toned gum. BW 122zg, cat AU$1500


    Lot 532
    Estimate: $400

    1/4d Turquoise-blue Punctured 'OS' block of 4 very fine MUH. BW 128ba, cat AU$1500


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