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Sale No. 74

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    Online General Sale No. 74

    Bidding closes at 5pm AEDT on Friday 1st October 2021

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    Lot 183
    P ]
    Estimate: $350TStarting Price: $320

    1855 1d Plate Proof block of 4 in Bright Green, No Watermark, fine with clear to good margins all round


    Lot 184
    P ]
    Estimate: $200TStarting Price: $150

    1855 2d Perkins Bacon Imperforate Plate Proof block of 4 in Black on wove paper, very fine


    Lot 185
    P ]
    Estimate: $300Starting Price: $230

    1855 2d Imperforate Plate Proof in Dull Lake on wove paper, margins all round (close at bottom) and very scarce, ex Peter Jaffe


    Lot 186
    O ]
    Estimate: $600Starting Price: $460

    1855 Watermark Large Star Imperf 2d Rose-carmine horizontal strip of 5, good margins all round, right-hand unit with ironed-out vertical crease, cancelled numeral '25' of Gawler. A very scarce multiple in this condition, with 1985 Holcombe and 2008 Sismondo Certificates. SG 2, cat 425+


    Lot 187
    P ]
    Estimate: $70TStarting Price: $55

    1855 6d Perkins Bacon Plate Proof in Blue No Watermark, very fine


    Lot 188
    ^ ]
    Estimate: $300Starting Price: $230

    1856-58 Local Prints Watermark Large Star Imperf 1/- Orange large to clear margins all round, tied to piece with Alberton cds alongside, AU 2 1856. SG 12, cat 475


    Lot 189
    P ]
    Estimate: $500TStarting Price: $380

    1860-69 4d Perkins Bacon Die Proof in Black on india paper pressed into card, stamp-size (23 x 32mm), small stain at top left corner, and some stains on reverse die to previous mounting


    Lot 190
    P ]
    Estimate: $500Starting Price: $380

    1860-69 Perkins Bacon 9d Imperforate Plate Proof in Grey-lilac (issued colour) on unwatermarked white wove paper, four margins (close at top) and a rare proof, ex Peter Jaffe


    Lot 191
    O ]
    Estimate: $150Starting Price: $115

    1860-69 Watermark Large Star Rouletted 1/- Yellow (SG 38) rejoined vertical pair cancelled 'PAID/ADELAIDE' datestamp in blue OC 26 1861, a very scarce multiple


    Lot 192
    * ]
    Estimate: $280Starting Price: $210

    1867-70 Watermark Large Star Perf 11-12 x Roulette 1/- Lake-brown part OG, a little toned on reverse but good colour and appearance. SG 61, cat 550


    Lot 193
    O ]
    Estimate: $800Starting Price: $600

    1868-79 Watermark Large Star Perf 11-12 9d Bright Mauve error 'Printed Both Sides' few blunt perfs at top and cancelled Adelaide cds NO 6 72, ex Peter Jaffe. SG 76a, cat 900


    Lot 194
    * ]
    Estimate: $400Starting Price: $300

    1870-71 Watermark Large Star Perf 11-12 x 10 1d Pale Bright Green, and 1d Deep Green, both part OG, former stained by brown gum, latter with small adhesion on reverse, otherwise fine. SG 99,101, cat 600 (2)


    Lot 195
    O ]
    Estimate: $300Starting Price: $230

    1871 Watermark V over Crown Perf 10 4d Dull Lilac used (3), one a large example with a missing perf at left, another straight edge at left, and the third in greyish shade which may be a changeling. SG 111, cat 975 (3)


    Lot 196
    O ]
    Estimate: $1,100Starting Price: $850

    1876-1900 Watermark Broad Star Perf 11-12 1/- Red-brown horizontal pair error 'Imperforate Vertically', trimmed into design at left, cancelled G.P.O. Adelaide cds, DE 23 81. SG 125a catalogued as 'Imperf Between' 2500


    Lot 197
    O ]
    Estimate: $75TStarting Price: $80

    1876-1900 Watermark Broad Star Perf 11-12 2/- Carmine block of 6 cancelled '185' numerals, a fine and attractive multiple. SG 132, cat 45+


    Lot 198
    **/* ]
    Estimate: $350TStarting Price: $270

    1901-02 Watermark Crown over SA (Wide) 9d Claret, horizontal strip of 6 from lower left corner of sheet showing row of watermarks in selvedge, strip of 6 from right of sheet and block of 12 from left of sheet (some perf separation), the strip and upper row of block showing wmk marginal letters only. Interesting positional pieces, fine large part OG with most units MUH. SG 146, cat 480+ (24)


    Lot 199
    P ]
    Estimate: $80Starting Price: $60

    1868 2d De La Rue Imperforate Colour Trials in Orange, Green, and Rose, plus pair in Orange, Watermark Crown over SA (Wide) (5)


    Lot 200
    * ]
    Estimate: $400Starting Price: $300

    1876 Watermark Crown over SA (Wide) Perf 10 1d Blue-green mint block of 6 (3 x 2) with wing margin at left, fine with part OG. SG 158, cat 660+


    Lot 201
    S ]
    Estimate: $100Starting Price: $75

    1883-99 3d Sage-green, 4d Pale Violet, 6d Pale Blue, 1891 2d Violet-blue, 1899-1905 2d Indigo, each overprinted SPECIMEN, first three no gum (5)


    Lot 202
    * ]
    Estimate: $4,000Starting Price: $3,200

    1886-96 'Postage & Revenue' Perf 11-12 10 Bronze Perf, typical irregular perfs and centred lower right, with large part OG and a very fine example of this rare stamp. SG 206a, cat 9500


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