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Sale No. 68

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    Lot 63
    Estimate: $200

    1856-58 Colonial Printings 1/- Orange cancelled 'PAID/ADELAIDE' datestamp in blue, touched at upper left and otherwise of fine appearance. SG 12, cat 475


    Lot 64
    Estimate: $400

    1876-85 2d Imperforate Plate Proof in Orange on unwatermarked gummed paper block of 8 (4 x 2) from lower right corner of sheet showing Plate No. '2', pulled by De La Rue following invoicing of Plate 2 in 1880. Minor toning along lower edge on reverse, otherwise very fine


    Lot 65

    1886-96 'POSTAGE & REVENUE' 2/6d to 20 complete set overprinted SPECIMEN (18mm), all Perf 10 and Watermark Upright except 3 (wmk Sideways) and 5 (perf 11-12), mostly part OG and some with adhesions from previous mounting. Few minor faults, 50/- with crease, and 5 thinned at top, however a rare set (13)


    Lot 66

    1886-96 'POSTAGE & REVENUE' Perf 10 10/-, 15/-, 1, 2, 50/-, 15 and 20 overprinted SPECIMEN (15mm), the complete set with this perforation, part OG and showing typical gum loss or adhesions from previous mounting. All rated R3 (less than 30 known). A fine set in above-average quality for these (7)


    Lot 67
    Estimate: $120 Realised Price : $90

    1886-96 Postage & Revenue 15 Silver Perf 10 overprinted SPECIMEN (12mm), heavily hinged otherwise fine with part OG


    Lot 68
    Estimate: $3,800 Realised Price : $2,900

    1891 Presentation Sheet with imprint '100 - 18-6-91' and bearing mounted 1886-96 'POSTAGE & REVENUE' 2/6d to 20 (2/6d, 10/-, 15/-, 1, 2, 50/-, 15, 20 Perf 10; 5/-, 3, 4, 5 Grey, 10 Perf 11-12) overprinted SPECIMEN (15mm, except 2/6dm18mm), plus 3d and 6d overprinted SPECIMEN (12mm) and 2d on 4d and 5d on 6d overprinted SPECIMEN (18mm). The sheet is signed at the lower right 'C Todd/PMG & ST' (Charles Todd, Postmaster-General and Superintendent of Telegraphs) and dated in manuscript '22.2.92'. This sheet was absent from the Ed Williams and Bill McCredie collections. The 2/6d Perf 10 is not known with the 15mm overprint, and the 5 Brown was not issued until 1896. Light vertical crease affecting three stamps, but a very rare and possibly unique sheet


    Lot 69
    Estimate: $800

    Small group of mint 'OS' overprints, comprising Block 'OS' Wmk Large Star 6d Prussian Blue (2, one variety 'No Stop After S' - no gum, but unpriced by SG); Wmk Broad Star 4d Deep Mauve, 6d Bright Blue; Wmk Crown over SA (close) d on 1d Green, 1d Green, 2d Orange, 4d Pale Violet, 6d Blue; and Tall 'OS' Wmk Broad Star 1/- Dull Brown; Wmk Crown SA (close) d Brown, 5d on 6d Deep Brown Perf 10; 1d Green, 4d Violet, 5d Brown-purple Perf 15; 1d Green, 2d Orange (2) Perf 13. Most large part OG, a few small faults but generally fine and a useful group. SG cat 1642 (18)


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