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    General Sale No. 4

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    Lot 293
    Estimate: $1,000T

    1850 Sydney View Plate I 1d Reddish Rose, SG 3, pair - margins three sides tied on cover to Sydney by indistinct Barred Numeral \\\\\\\'6(6?), arrival backstamp, addressee\\\\\\\'s name scored-over, minor faults


    Lot 294
    Estimate: $1,500T

    1850 Sydney View Plate II 1d Gooseberry-Red, SG 10, strip of three, close to large margins, just touching at right used on front Sydney to London, part payment in stamps and accountancy marks for cash. Very rare multiple of this scarce shade on cover. Ex Hutson


    Lot 295
    Estimate: $500T

    Plate II 2d Bright Blue, four margins, large on three sides used Sydney to Goulburn on lady-sized envelope


    Lot 296
    Estimate: $5,000T

    \\\\\\\'PRINTED DOUBLE, ONE ALBINO\\\\\\\' 1850 Sydney View grey wove paper, 3d Yellow-Green, SG 42, close to large margins. The only known used example. [Robson Lowe article from Dec 1957 recording the discovery of this great variety]


    Lot 297
    Estimate: $200T Realised Price : $220

    Reprint of 6d Laureated issue in Brown on thick greyish paper, sheet of 25

    Lot 298
    Estimate: $300T Realised Price : $400

    Reprint of 8d Laureated issue in Yellow on thick greyish paper, sheet of 50 with the five listed varieties

    Lot 299
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $500

    Officials: Range of \\\\\\\'OS\\\\\\\' opts including 1879-85 values to 1/- with 9d on 10d opt SPECIMEN, 1887-89 10/- with specimen cancel, 1888-90 to 1/-, 5/- and 20/- opt SPECIMEN in small capitals, 1891 Surcharge set opt SPECIMEN, etc, mixed condition, (27

    Lot 300
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $270

    Wrappers: Useful selection comprising 1864 1d Rose, 1865-69 1d Red shades (5), 1882-92 1d Violet (4), ½d on 1d Grey (5), ½d Grey (10, incl two opt SPECIMEN and used), 1897-99 ½d Green (3, one used), 1d Carmine used and opt Specimen, mixed condition (30)


    Lot 301
    Estimate: $1,250T

    1850 (15th Aug) cover to Newcastle and re-addressed to Raymond Terrace bearing Sydney View 2d Plate II - four margins tied by Barred Numeral \\\\\\\'2\\\\\\\' of Parramatta, attractive strike in black oval \\\\\\\'MIDDAY/MAIL\\\\\\\', reverse with datestamps of Parramatta, Sydney (crowned) and Raymond Terrace, minor flap faults. Attractive

    Lot 302
    Estimate: $400T

    1850 (Nov) outer entire letter Maitland to Merriwa bearing Sydney View 2d late impression, close to large margins tied by smudged numeral

    Lot 303
    Estimate: $600T

    1851 (5th Feb) cover Sydney to Berrima bearing Sydney View 2d Plate IV - margins touching, framed \\\\\\\'TOO LATE\\\\\\\' in black, applied to explain delay in missing mail coach


    Lot 304
    Estimate: $750T

    1851 (Oct) entire letter Sydney to Geelong bearing Sydney View 2d Plate V - large to huge margins, paying overland mail rate, Melbourne and Geelong Port Phillip backstamps. [Victoria became a separate Colony in July and was previously 3d by sea]


    Lot 305
    Estimate: $150T Realised Price : $115

    1852 stampless inwards cover to Sydney with mss. \\\\\\\'India Mail/Via Southampton\\\\\\\', \\\\\\\'6\\\\\\\' and \\\\\\\'2/8\\\\\\\', framed \\\\\\\'ADVERTISED/UNCLAIMED\\\\\\\', crowned Sydney backstamp


    Lot 306
    Estimate: $1,500T

    1852 (16th Oct) entire Sydney to London \\\\\\\'P \\\\\\\"Alert\\\\\\\" bearing two four margined examples of Sydney View 3d Yellow-Green, SG 42, reverse with Sydney Ship Letter handstamp and arrival datestamp in red. Rare double rate usage. Ex Burrus, Druce


    Lot 307
    Estimate: $500T Realised Price : $400

    1854 (11th Apr) cover with small thin to New Zealand bearing Laureated 2d four margins and 3d two margins tied by Barred Numeral \\\\\\\'44\\\\\\\' of Yass, mss. \\\\\\\'2\\\\\\\', Sydney transit on reverse and Port Victoria transit of May 13th, Otago arrival datestamp of July 2 alongside. Unusual long delivery time in N.Z.


    Lot 308
    Estimate: $500T

    1855 (7th Apr) entire Sydney to Singapore, mss. \\\\\\\'\\\\\\\"Royal Saxon\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\' bearing Laureated 1d Vermillion and 2d Greyish Blue with varying margins tied by obliterator, filing creases, etc. Scarce destination


    Lot 309
    Estimate: $500T

    1856 (5th Feb) cover Sydney to Scotland bearing Diadem 1/-, close margins, paying double rate, carried on White Star Line, mss. \\\\\\\'Per \\\\\\\"Sultana\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\', transit Liverpool packet datestamp in red


    Lot 310
    Estimate: $400T

    1858 (9th Oct) large part front Sydney to Leamington bearing Diadems 1/- (4 - touching in places) paying 1oz rate, mss. \\\\\\\'Pr Mail Steamer/via Marseilles’, arrival datestamp. Rare franking


    Lot 311
    Estimate: $500T Realised Price : $380

    1862 (6th Oct) Wreck cover from Singleton to England with framed cachet in black \\\\\\\'Saved from the wreck of/the Colombo\\\\\\\'.


    Lot 312
    Estimate: $250T

    1866 (22nd May) cover Sydney to Rhode Island bearing Diadem 1/- + 2d De La Rue paying ½oz rate to USA via Southampton, mss. \\\\\\\'Per Bombay\\\\\\\', mss. \\\\\\\'8\\\\\\\' signifying 8d prepaid for Transatlantic rate, small \\\\\\\'BOSTON BR. PACKET/ AUG/5\\\\\\\' cds. Attractive


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