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    Lot 101
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $260

    1829 cover with 'On the Service of the Australian Agricultl Compy' at top, '6' rating, flap with fine Gravesend (JY 17 1829) and London (18JY18 1829) datestamps, carried by ship to U.K. and placed in postal system at Gravesend. (The Australian Agricultural Company was originally established in 1824, on one million acres at Port Stephens, and operates to this day)


    Lot 102
    Estimate: $180 Realised Price : $230

    1830 (24 Jul) outer to Wesleyan Mission, London with chamfered boxed 'SYDNEY/POST PAID' and 'SYDNEY/NSW' ds, both in red, reverse with boxed 'INDIA LETTER/DEAL' and London arrival ds in red (1 DE 1830).'Rated '4d' with '1/-' incoming charge due from addressee, fine


    Lot 103
    Estimate: $80 Realised Price : $60

    1840 (10 Oct) outer to London with 'PAID SHIP LETTER/SYDNEY' oval ds in red, reverse with 'SHIP LETTER' and London arrival ds. Rated '3' in red, with '8(d)' due from addressee. Two vertical filing folds, otherwise fine


    Lot 104
    Estimate: $300

    1844 (31 Mar) outer from Bungonia to Maitland, with good strike of Bungonia crowned oval datestamp, and with Sydney (AP 2) and Maitland (AP 4) transit and receipt datestamps, rated '1/1' in red. Fine and rare, with only a handful of examples of the Bungonia datestamp recorded


    Lot 105
    Estimate: $70 Realised Price : $55

    1845 (21 Jan) envelope with enclosure to Kidderminster, Worcestershire with 'PAID SHIP LETTER/SYDNEY' oval ds in red, and with London and Kidderminster arrival ds on reverse. Rated '3' in red with '8(d)' due from addressee, fine


    Lot 106
    Estimate: $120 Realised Price : $105

    1845 (20 Jun) envelope endorsed 'On Service' from Sydney to Parramatta with crowned 'FREE' ds in red, reverse with fine PARRAMATTA/NEW S WALES' oval ds in blue, Few marks and light soiling, otherwise fine


    Lot 107
    Estimate: $140

    1845 (4 Sep) envelope from Sydney to Parramatta, rated '4', with fine crowned oval 'GENERAL POST OFFICE/SYDNEY' ds and PARRAMATTA/NEW S WALES' oval ds (in blue) on reverse. Few minor marks and light soiling


    Lot 108
    Estimate: $60 Realised Price : $46

    1848 (22 Apr) entire to Kidderminster, Worcestershire endorsed 'p Midlothian' with 'PAID SHIP LETTER/SYDNEY' oval ds in red, and London and Kidderminster arrival ds on reverse. Rated '3' in red with '8(d)' due from addressee, fine


    Lot 109
    Estimate: $750T

    1851 (1 Nov) outer from Albury to Melbourne with Sydney View 1d Dull Carmine Plate II pair (touched bottom left and right) tied by '50' numerals, Albury despatch and Melbourne arrival backstamps. Vertical filing crease, otherwise fine, ex Ed Druce


    Lot 110
    Estimate: $200T

    1854 (16 Oct) cover to Newcastle via Sydney with 1d Laureate Wmk '1' pair (close to touching all around and slightly oxidised) tied by '21' numerals of Campbell Town (ds on reverse). Slight soiling


    Lot 111
    Estimate: $50T

    1875 (20 Oct) cover from Gundagai to Paterson, New Jersey, with 1871-84 6d Lilac tied by '46' rays type numeral, and with 30mm 'PAID ALL' circular handstamp in red. Gundagai despatch and Sydney transit cds on reverse, and 'SAN FRANCISCO/PAID ALL' transit cds in red on face. Few tears at top of envelope and with flap defect


    Lot 112
    Estimate: $90

    1879 (9 Jan) printed lettersheet for 'The Goulburn Herald' with 1d De La Rue tied by Goulburn cds (JA 9/18 date error), addressed to Binda with arrival cds on reverse, very fine and attractive


    Lot 113
    Estimate: $70 Realised Price : $55

    1884 (19 Feb) cover from Broadwater to Wellington, Ohio with 2d De La Rue strip of 3 cancelled 1033 numerals (virtually illegible), with Woodburn and Sydney transit ds on reverse, and faint oval 'PAID ALL' in violet, and with Wellington arrival ds on reverse


    Lot 114
    Estimate: $80

    1885 (16 May) cover to Stoutsburgh, New Jersey with 6d De La Rue tied by Sydney duplex, and with oval 'PAID ALL' in violet, New York arrival backstamp. Flap faults, otherwise fine


    Lot 115
    Estimate: $50T Realised Price : $38

    1891 (11 Aug) cover to St. Louis, Missouri, with 6d Carmine Centennial tied by Sydney duplex, and with 30mm circular 'PAID ALL' handstamp unusually in black (about four recorded), with 'SAN FRANCISCO/PAID ALL' cds and 'ST. LOUIS & Co. BLUFFS R.P.O.' double circle ds in violet on reverse. Slightly soiled, otherwise fine


    Lot 116
    Estimate: $60

    1894 (1 Jan) advertising envelope from The Australia Hotel Sydney to Liverpool, endorsed 'Per R.M.S. Victoria' with 1890 2d tied by Sydney duplex, flap faults and a couple of small tears at top, but attractive


    Lot 117
    Estimate: $120

    1895 (29 Jul) advertising cover for I. Israel, Bonus Tea Warehouse, with trademark crowing rooster and caption 'While I live I'll crow', sent from Sydney to London, minor blemish


    Lot 118
    Estimate: $100

    1896 (3 Jan) advertising envelope for 'Coachbuilder Saddler' published by J.E. Bishop & Co., addressed to New York with 1897 2d Purple tied by Sydney duplex, very fine with Vancouver (BC) transit and Buffalo arrival ds on reverse


    Lot 119
    Estimate: $80

    1908 (10 Aug) picture postcard to Noumea, New Caledonia with 1d Shield tied by Sydney machine cancel, and with boxed 'DEF 5/FINE 5 10 CENTIMES' tax marking


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