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    Lot 21
    Estimate: $40

    1832 (2 Jun) entire headed 'On board the Cartha Lochindall' addressed to 'Loina/Sydney' and carried outside the mails and without postal markings. A few tears and with peripheral wear


    Lot 22
    Estimate: $150T Realised Price : $160

    1862 (7 May) registered entire headed 'Cobbedah' but posted at Barraba and addressed to Tamworth, franked 2d Diadem perf 12 pair (right unit damaged) and (6d) Registered Rose-red and Prussian Blue perf 12 cancelled '100' numeral in rays, with manuscript 'Registered' (Barraba did not have a handstamp). Manilla cds on reverse. Three vertical filing folds (one through right unit of 2d pair), otherwise of good appearance


    Lot 23
    Estimate: $100T

    1863 (19 Oct) cover from Sydney to Langholm, Scotland, franked 6d Diadem and 2d De La Rue pair cancelled Sydney duplex, backstamped Carlisle transit cds and Langholm arrival cds (DE 15 63). Short tear in base of envelope, otherwise a fine example of the 10d via Marseilles rate


    Lot 24
    Estimate: $150T Realised Price : $200

    1869 (14 Jul) outer to London franked by 10d De La Rue pair tied by Sydney duplexes, endorsed 'p. Malta via Marseilles' and with London arrival cds in red. Fine, and a scarce double rate Marseilles cover paid by a pair of 10d adhesives


    Lot 25
    Estimate: $140T Realised Price : $160

    1870 (18 Apr) envelope with contents from Young to Glasgow, endorsed 'Per "Geelong" via Marseilles', and franked with De La Rue 2d and 4d (2) for the 10d via Marseilles rate, tied by '465' rays type numeral, reverse with Sydney transit cds and Glasgow arrival cds (JU 13 70). Fine


    Lot 26
    Estimate: $60T Realised Price : $85

    1874 (23 Feb) small envelope from Sydney to Richmond franked 3d Diadem tied Sydney duplex, and with Melbourne and Richmond (FE 26 74) backstamps. An attractive example of the 3d intercolonial rate


    Lot 27
    Estimate: $150T

    1875 (20 Oct) cover from Gundagai to Paterson, New Jersey, with 1871-84 6d Lilac tied by '46' rays type numeral, and with 30mm 'PAID ALL' circular handstamp in red. Gundagai despatch and Sydney transit cds on reverse, and 'SAN FRANCISCO/PAID ALL' transit cds in red on face. Few tears at top of envelope and with flap defect


    Lot 28
    Estimate: $150T Realised Price : $115

    1878 (27 Dec) cover from Moulamein to Bernard Town, Massachusetts, franked 2d De La Rue strip of 4 for the 8d via Brindisi rate, unusually tied by Moulamein cds instead of numeral, and with oval 'PAID ALL' handstamp in violet. Reverse with Moulamein despatch and Sydney transit cds, and with 'SAN FRANCISCO/PAID ALL' cds in red on face. Few stains and flap tears, otherwise fine


    Lot 29
    Estimate: $75T Realised Price : $180

    1887 (16 Sep) cover carried by the Norddeutscher Lloyd line to Zwickau, Saxony, redirected to Leipzig, endorsed 'pr Nurnberg' and with 1883-97 6d Lilac tied by Sydney duplex, Zwickau and Leipzig backstamps. Very fine and a scarce example of mail carried by the German packet


    Lot 30
    Estimate: $140T Realised Price : $125

    1888 (8 Aug) cover with contents to Oakland, California, endorsed 'S.S. Mariposa' and franked with 1882-97 6d Lilac perf 10 tied by Sydney Duplex, with oval framed 'PAID ALL' handstamp (sans-serif letters) in purple, and Oakland arrival cds on reverse, very fine. Also 1883 (1 Sep) cover (shortened at right and with defects), also to Oakland with 6d tied by Sydney duplex and with oval framed 'PAID ALL' handstamp (seriffed letters) in red-violet (2 covers)


    Lot 31
    Estimate: $150T Realised Price : $200

    1889 (20 Feb) cover to Wellesley, Massachusetts endorsed 'SS Zelandia' and franked with 6d Carmine Centennial tied by Sydney duplex. Fine 30mm 'PAID ALL' handstamp in violet, and with Chicago transit cds and Wellesley arrival cds (on reverse), very fine


    Lot 32
    Estimate: $130T

    1889 (27 Jul) mourning cover to New York with 2d Emu (3) tied by Murrurundi '69' duplexes, and with 30mm 'PAID ALL' handstamp in violet. New York arrival ds on reverse, small flap defects otherwise fine


    Lot 33
    Estimate: $150T

    1891 (23 Feb) cover from Sydney to New York with 2d Emu strip of 3 tied by Sydney duplex, and by 30mm 'PAID ALL' in circle in black, and with New York arrival bs (MAR 24 91), fine. The postal treaty provided that the 'PAID ALL' handstamp was to be applied in red, and this cover is one of only about four examples recorded in black


    Lot 34
    Estimate: $150T

    1891 (11 Aug) cover to St. Louis, Missouri, with 6d Carmine Centennial tied by Sydney duplex, and with 30mm circular 'PAID ALL' handstamp unusually in black (about four recorded), with 'SAN FRANCISCO/PAID ALL' cds and 'ST. LOUIS & Co. BLUFFS R.P.O.' double circle ds in violet on reverse. Slightly soiled, otherwise fine


    Lot 35
    Estimate: $50T

    1893 (20 Jan) cover with Tasmanian 2d Sideface (damaged) tied by Hobart duplex, addressed to Launceston, then crossed through and endorsed with 'Try Hobart' and 'Sydney G.P.O.', and with handstruck Sydney 'ADVERTISED/UNCLAIMED' added. Backstamped at Launceston (JA 21 93), Hobart (JA 23 93), Sydney (JA 27 93) and double oval DEAD LETTER OFFICE/TASMANIA' ds (31 Jul 93) in blue. Minor soiling, otherwise fine


    Lot 36
    Estimate: $70T Realised Price : $55

    1901 (May) cover from Tasmania posted on board ship, with 1d Engraved Pictorial pair tied on arrival by Sydney cds (MY 9 01), and with double oval 'LOOSE SHIP/LETTER' and handstruck '2D' loose letter fee due, pair of NSW 1d postage due (chalky paper) affixed and cancelled by indelible pencil. Some light toning (especially around postage dues) and roughly opened back flap


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