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    Lot 193
    Estimate: $650

    1835 (1 Oct) entire written from Noblestown (Dunbartonshire), addressed to William Cumming care of Thomas Hood, who was convicted of a felony in Perth and sentenced to seven years (he received his pardon on 28 March 1838). The add Cumming) may also have been a convict, as a man of that name was convicted at Aberdeen in 1830 and sentenced to seven years transportation. The letter was carried outside the mails on the barque 'Thomas Lawrie' which arrived in Hobart on 8 March 1836, and then put into the town post and rated '2' unpaid. Some staining but an interesting convict item


    Lot 194
    Estimate: $1,000

    1851 (8 Jul) cover to Port Fairy, Victoria with 1841 2d Blue strip of 4 lettered 'KA-KD' (good margins except close to touching at right) cancelled '446' numerals of Ledbury, and tied by 'SHIP LETTER/LONDON' cds in red, mss '5' accountancy. Reverse with Ledbury and London ds, oval 'SHIP LETTER/MELBOURNE' ds in red, and 'oval 'PORT FAIRY/N.S.W.' ds (27 NO 1851). Flap tears, otherwise a fine example of the 8d ship letter rate


    Lot 195
    Estimate: $2,500

    1852 (2 Apr) cover (missing flap) from Stowmarket (despatch cds in blue on reverse) to North Adelaide with 1841 2d strip of 4 lettered 'OA-OD' (just touched at bottom left, otherwise small to large margins all around) tied by '732' numerals, also by 'SHIP LETTER/LONDON' cds in red. With mss '6' representing G.P.O. accountancy, and with North Adelaide arrival cds (AU 14 1852) in red. Very fine and attractive, with 2010 BPA Certificate


    Lot 196
    Estimate: $700

    1852 (15 Nov) entire from Ulster to Melbourne with Armagh double arc despatch ds in blue, 'PAID' London tombstone ds and 'SHIP LETTER/LONDON' cds, both in red, endorsed 'Ship Letter 8d paid' with mss '8' in red, and '3' accountancy due to London G.P.O.. 'SHIP LETTER/MELBOURNE' oval arrival ds (AP 13 53) in red on reverse. Very fine


    Lot 197
    Estimate: $1,500

    1853 (23 Mar) cover from Brighton to Rocky Point, N.S.W. franked with 1841 2d Blue Plate 4 strip of 4 lettered 'LI-LL' (margins close to good) tied by '132' numerals, with Brighton despatch backstamp and 'SHIP LETTER/LONDON' cds in red, plus three London backstamps. Manuscript '5' P.O. accountancy, and reverse with Sydney arrival cds (SE 1 1853) and boxed 'COOKS RIVER' in red-brown (affected by torn black flap), also endorsed 'uncalled for' and with italic 'UNCLAIMED' handstamp. Few age marks, but generally fine and a spectacular inwards cover, with 2004 BPA Certificate


    Lot 198
    Estimate: $250

    1853 (5 Oct) stampless entire from London to Launceston, endorsed 'p "Harbinger" ' and with SHIP LETTER/LONDON' and 'LONDON/PAID' despatch marks in red, rated '8' in red, Launceston arrival cds on reverse. Horizontal filing fold, otherwise a fine cover from the General Screw Steam Shipping Co. contract


    Lot 199
    Estimate: $650

    1855 (1 Jun) envelope (with contents) from London addressed to Melbourne 'To be left at the post office till called for', with 1854-55 2d Blue Watermark Small Crown Perf 14 ('DK') and Perf 16 ('RD' and 'RE') tied by '16' numerals. Carried on the clipper 'Donald Mackay' leaving Liverpool 5 June, and with handstruck '1d' in red to indicate accountancy due to Victorian P.O. Reverse with 'SHIP LETTER/FREE/G.P.O. VICTORIA' cds in red (AU 27 1855) and with endorsement 'Opened by a person of the same name 18/10', subsequently handstruck 'ADVERTISED/AND/UNCLAIMED' and mss '2' added. (It seems unlikely that two persons with the surname 'Duon' were in Melbourne at this time, and the intended recipient may have opened and read the letter, then denied it was intended for him to avoid the 2d payment)


    Lot 200
    Estimate: $6,000

    1855 (4 Oct) cover to Melbourne with very fine 1/- Green Embossed tied by Liverpool '466' spoon duplex, and endorsed 'per Schomberg' and with handstruck '1d' in red P.O. accountancy. 'SHIP LETTER/FREE/G.P.O. VICTORIA' cds in red (DE 28 1855) on reverse. The Black Ball clipper 'Schomberg' left Liverpool on 6 October 1855, and ran aground off Cape Otway, Victoria on 27 December 1855. The ship was a total wreck, but there was no loss of life and the mails were salvaged without mishap. Four covers from this wreck are presently recorded, of which this is perhaps the finest, ex J.R.W. Purves and Brian Peace


    Lot 201
    Estimate: $420

    1856 (6 Aug) cover from London (straight line 'Deptford Broadway' in blue on reverse) to Geelong with 2d Watermark Large Crown Perf 14 strip of 3 lettered 'HA-HC' cancelled '41' in diamond numerals, and tied by '1d' accountancy handstamp in red. Carried by clipper 'White Star' leaving Liverpool 20 August, and with 'SHIP LETTER/FREE/GEELONG VICTORIA' arrival cds in red (NO 5 1856, the Geelong mail being off-loaded during the trip up Port Phillip Bay to Melbourne). Flap faults and light overall soiling


    Lot 202
    Estimate: $180

    1857 (14 Oct) cover to Newtown, Sydney, with 1856 6d Lilac tied by London 'SE/8' duplex, reverse with straight line 'Woolwich WO' in bluish-black, and Sydney and Newtown (JA 12 1958) arrival cds, very fine. (Biographical notes of the addressee, Mr Castles, are included with the lot)


    Lot 203
    Estimate: $650

    1858 (12 Aug) entire from London to Guildford, Western Australia with 1856 1/- Green pair tied by '44' numeral in diamond obliterators, and endorsed 'via Southampton'. Light filing fold and a few minor creases, otherwise very fine, and a rare double rate to this difficult destination


    Lot 204
    Estimate: $250

    1858 (13 Oct) cover to Port Adelaide, South Australia with 1856 6d Lilac tied by Plymouth '620' duplex, endorsed 'via Marseilles' but underpaid and struck 'INSUFFICIENTLY/STAMPED' in red, and sent via Southampton. Reverse with circular undated 'EXETER STREET' in blue, London transit cds in red, and Port Adelaide arrival cds (JA 22 1859). Few marks on reverse but generally fine and attractive


    Lot 205
    Estimate: $400

    1859 (18 Feb) outer from London to Guildford, Western Australia with 1856 1/- Green tied by '15' in diamond numeral, endorsed 'via Southampton'. Light filing fold, otherwise very fine and a very difficult destination


    Lot 206
    Estimate: $150

    1861 (18 Apr) entire to Hobart, Tasmania, with 1856 6d tied by Glasgow '159' duplex and endorsed 'p Australian Mail via Southampton', with London and Launceston diamond 'SHIP LETTER INWARDS FREE' backstamps in red, and Hobart framed 'SHIP LETTER INWARDS FREE' on face in red (12 JU 12 1861). Minor creasing, otherwise fine


    Lot 207
    Estimate: $150

    1861 (24 Sep) cover to Cowra, N.S.W. with 1857 4d Carmine Wmk Large Garter pair (perfs trimmed at right) and 1d Wmk Large Crown Perf 14 tied by Dunfermline '113' duplexes, reverse with London transit cds in red, and Sydney and Cowra (smudged) arrival datestamps. Small tear in base of envelope, otherwise fine example of 9d via Marseilles rate in force 13.1.1857 to 1.6.1863


    Lot 208
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $210

    1861 (26 Sep) cover from the Royal Gardens Kew (pink embossing on reverse flap) to Melbourne with 1856 6d Lilac, 1d Wmk Large Crown Perf 14 and 2d Plate 9 tied by London 'W/22' duplexes, endorsed 'via Marseilles', Melbourne arrival backstamp (NO 17 61). Back flap tears, otherwise very fine and attractive 9d rate cover


    Lot 209
    Estimate: $170

    1862 (25 May) 'VIA MARSELLES' printed cover to Melbourne with 4d Carmine Wmk Large Garter (perfs trimmed at left), and 1d Wmk Large Crown Perf 14 pair and singles (2) tied by Worcester '918' spoon duplexes, reverse with London and Melbourne cds in red. Light creases, tone spot at left and rust mark left by paper clip. 1d underpayment of 9d via Marseilles rate


    Lot 210
    Estimate: $1,500

    1862 (27 Oct) cover to East Melbourne with 1862-64 9d Plate 2 lettered 'CL' tied by London 'WC/11' duplex and endorsed 'Via Marseilles'. The letter weighed over ounce, and so struck with 'DEFICIENT POSTAGE 3d/FINE _________ 6d/9d', to be collected from the addressee. With Melbourne arrival backstamp (DE 13 62) in red, few marks on reverse, otherwise fine and attractive


    Lot 211
    Estimate: $150

    1863 (24 Aug) cover to Melbourne with 1862-64 1/- Green Plate 1 lettered 'JE' tied by Belfast '62' duplex, endorsed 'via Marseilles' and with London transit and Melbourne arrival (OC 10 63) backstamps. Light toning and central stain on face


    Lot 212
    Estimate: $120 Realised Price : $95

    1864 (11 Nov) mourning cover to Bathurst, N.S.W. with 1862-64 6d Lilac Plate 4 lettered 'JG' tied by Ipswich '405' duplex, reverse with London transit cds in red, and Sydney and Bathurst arrival datestamps. Portion of side flap cut away on reverse, otherwise clean and fine


    Lot 213
    Estimate: $800

    1868 (1 Jun) mourning cover to Port Denison, Queensland with 1867-80 6d Mauve Plate 6 lettered 'GD' (straight edge at right) tied by Brighton '132' duplex, endorsed 'Via Panama', and reverse with London transit cds in red, and Brisbane and Townsville arrival cds. Routed by Royal Mail steamer 'Tasmanian' to Panama, thence per the Panama, New Zealand and Australian Royal Mail Co. 'Mataura' to Sydney. The cover is paid 6d to Panama only, and the handstruck '10' was applied representing the deficiency on 1/4d correct postage. Back flap missing and overall light toning, but believed to be the only cover to Queensland carried by this service


    Lot 214
    Estimate: $450

    1868 (30 Oct) envelope with contents to White Hills, Victoria, with 1867-80 6d Mauve Plate 6 lettered 'CL' tied by Ramsgate '634' duplex, missent to Sydney, with a fine strike of the very scarce framed 'MISSENT TO/SYDNEY/N.S.W.'. With backstamps of London (OC 31 68), Sydney (De 25 1868), Melbourne (DE 31 68), Sandhurst (DE 31 68) and White Hills (JA 1 69). Two small holes in right side not affecting adhesive, otherwise fine


    Lot 215
    Estimate: $2,500

    1868 (3 Dec) cover to East Melbourne with 1865-67 4d Vermilion Plate 10 lettered 'DG' and 1867-80 1/- Green Plate 4 (3, lettered 'SE', 'TE' and 'TF') tied by Dublin '186' duplexes, and endorsed 'via Marseilles'. With Melbourne arrival backstamp in blue (JA 21 69), cover reinforced with stamp selvedge and with two strikes of boxed 'RECEIVED OPEN AT/POST OFFICE MELBOURNE/AND REFASTENED' in blue on reverse. Condition consistent with having burst open in transit, and an interesting and scarce example of the 4 x 10d quadruple Marseilles rate, ex Hugh Freeman


    Lot 216
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $160

    1869 (17 Jun) entire to Hobart, Tasmania, with 1867-80 10d Red-brown lettered 'TF' tied by Glasgow '159' duplex, endorsed 'via Marseilles', with London transit and Launceston diamond 'SHIP LETTER INWARDS FREE' backstamps in red, and framed 'SHIP LETTER INWARDS FREE' of Hobart in red on face (6 AU 6 1869). Some light creasing, otherwise fine


    Lot 217
    Estimate: $180 Realised Price : $145

    1870 (27 Jan) cover to Hobart, Tasmania with 1867-80 10d Red-brown lettered 'TE' (with wing margin and showing portion of marginal inscription), endorsed 'via Marseilles' and with Launceston 'SHIP LETTER INWARDS FREE' diamond backstamp in red, and Hobart boxed 'SHIP LETTER INWARDS FREE' ds in red on face (18 MR 18 1870). Back flap missing, otherwise fine


    Lot 218
    Estimate: $1,700

    1870 (18 Feb) soldier's envelope to Kooringa, South Australia, endorsed 'From Sergt Major Thomas RI Engrs London', franked with 1858-79 1d Plate 111 lettered 'AL tied with London 'SW/70' duplex. With Adelaide arrival cds and on reverse Kooringa cds (AP 12 70). Portion of back flap missing, otherwise very fine and a rare example of the 1d inwards military concession rate, with 2011 BPA Certificate


    Lot 219
    Estimate: $1,500

    1872 (4 Sep) cover to H.M.S. 'Basilisk' at Sydney ('or elsewhere') franked with 1872-73 6d Chestnut Plate 11 lettered 'GK' tied by Devonport '250' duplex, and endorsed 'Via Brindisi'. Paid only for the long sea route, and struck with 'INSUFFY. STAMPED/VIA - BRINDISI'. Unusually with no Sydney arrival cds, but endorsed as arriving 25 November 1872. Few minor wrinkles and slight peripheral wear, but attractive


    Lot 220
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $160

    1873 (15 Jan) cover with contents to Hobart, Tasmania with 1872-73 6d Chestnut Plate 11 lettered 'OF' tied by Lombard Street 'LS/2' duplex, fine Hobart Town arrival cds (MR 11 73). Large portion of back flap missing otherwise very fine


    Lot 221
    Estimate: $120

    1874 (8 Jul) cover to Sydney with 1873-80 3d Rose Plate 14 (corner perf defect) and 6d Grey Plate 13 tied by Beverley duplexes, endorsed 'via Brindisi' and with Sydney arrival backstamp. Few tone spots


    Lot 222
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $75

    1875 (24 Dec) cover to Launceston, Tasmania, with 1870 d Plate 10, and 1873-80 2d Rosy-mauve Plate 2 and 6d Grey Plate 13 tied by smudged '439' numerals of Tallow, reverse with despatch and arrival (FE 2 76) datestamps. Portion of back flap missing, otherwise fine and an uncommon make-up of the 9d via Brindisi rate


    Lot 223
    Estimate: $300

    1876 (19 Apr) mourning cover with contents to Home Rule, N.S.W. with 1873-80 6d Grey Plate 14 lettered 'GB' tied by Tottenham duplex, endorsed 'via Southampton', Sydney, Mudgee and Home Rule (JU 30 1876) backstamps on reverse. Endorsed with mss 'Unclaimed' and returned to Sydney AU 5 1876, where boxed 'ADVERTISED/UNCLAIMED' handstamp in red was applied. Fine and very attractive


    Lot 224
    Estimate: $400 Realised Price : $525

    1876 (28 Sep) cover to Melbourne with 1867-80 2/- Blue with wing margin lettered 'TH' tied by Glasgow '159' duplex, and endorsed 'via Marseilles', Melbourne arrival backstamp of NO 9 76. Light creases, otherwise fine and a scarce stamp used on mail to Australia, representing the triple rate of 3 x 8d for a 1-1 ounce letter


    Lot 225
    Estimate: $400

    1877 (4 Jan) cover to St. Lawrence, Queensland, with 1d Plate 173 ('SB' and 'SC') and 1873-80 6d Grey Plate 15 ('DC)' tied by Dublin '186' numerals, prepaying the 8d via Brindisi rate, backstamped Rockhampton and Marlborough arrival cds (Mr 7 77). Portion of back flap missing, few small blemishes, otherwise fine


    Lot 226
    Estimate: $200

    1878 (5 Jun) cover from Killarney to Melbourne with 1864 1d Plate 183 pair, 1870 d Rose Plate 10 and 1873-80 6d Grey Plate 15 tied by Killarney '272' duplexes. Cover overweight, and 7d deficient for the 2 x 8d via Brindisi rate, struck with 'DEFICIENT POSTAGE (7)/FINE_______ (6)', and on arrival with oval 'MORE TO PAY' with mss '1/1'. Missing back flap and peripheral faults and toning, still a most interesting taxed cover


    Lot 227
    Estimate: $250

    1879 (10 Feb) 2d registration envelope (slightly shortened at left) to Charters Towers, Queensland with 1876 8d Orange lettered 'MD' tied by Cheltenham '177' numeral, endorsed 'Via Brindisi', and with Townsville and Charters Towers (AP 20 1879) datestamps on reverse. Unclaimed and returned to Brisbane, where the 'ADVERTISED/JU 30 79/UNCLAIMED' handstamp in red was struck, and with 'DEAD LETTER OFFICE/QUEENSLAND' cds in red on reverse. Toned and with peripheral wear, but rare


    Lot 228
    Estimate: $350 Realised Price : $270

    1879 (25 Sep) mourning envelope with contents franked 8d Orange lettered 'QB' tied by Dawlish 239 duplex, addressed to Perth, Western Australia. Minor peripheral wear, otherwise very attractive, and a scarce stamp used on mail to Australia, and must be rated as rare to Western Australia


    Lot 229
    Estimate: $150

    1880 (16 Dec) cover to Adelaide, redirected to Hobart, Tasmania, with 1873-80 6d Grey Plate 16 lettered 'KB' tied by Prestwick '676' duplex, endorsed 'Via Brindisi', with Adelaide arrival cds on face, and Launceston and Hobart datestamps following redirection on reverse. Peripheral creasing and portion of back flap missing


    Lot 230
    Estimate: $400

    1883 (15 Nov) mourning cover to Clare, South Australia with 1883-84 3d on 3d Lilac (2, lettered 'CK' and 'DK') tied by Dublin duplexes and endorsed 'via Brindisi', Clare squared circle arrival ds (DE 24 83) on reverse, fine. A scarce stamp on cover. SG cat 425


    Lot 231
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $260

    1884 (7 Mar) cover from London to Five Dock, Sydney, with 1881 1d Lilac and 1883 6d on 6d Lilac lettered 'B J tied by 'L1/GRACECHURCH ST.' duplexes and with private handstamp 'Via Brindisi' in violet. Sydney and Ashfield arrival backstamps. The rate of 7d represents the 6d packet rate plus 1d late fee for foreign mail posted between 6 and 7pm. Slight peripheral toning otherwise fine and scarce


    Lot 232
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $210

    1884 (18 Sep) mourning cover to Cambooya, Queensland with 1883-84 3d Lilac pair lettered 'HH-HI' tied by Dublin '186' duplexes, endorsed 'Via Brindisi' and with Brisbane and Cambooya NO 1 1884) arrival backstamps, fine


    Lot 233
    Estimate: $150

    1886 (8 Jun) cover to Glenelg, South Australia with 1883-84 6d Dull Green lettered 'KA' tied by Clifton Bristol '134' duplex, G.P.O. Adelaide (on face) and Glenelg squared circle (on reverse) arrival datestamps. Couple of light creases otherwise fine


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