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Sale No. 81

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    Australasia 2006

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    Lot 326
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $180

    1842 (22 Mar) entire letter to George Town endorsed 'Per Corsair', rated '3' and '5', 'MELBOURNE/NEW.S.WALES' (C65) handstamps front (weak) and back, small faults


    Lot 327
    Estimate: $750

    1846 (Jun) entire letter Melbourne to Seymour, rated '8' showing framed 'POST PAID/ MELBOURNE' in red, crowned 'MELBOURNE/PORT PHILLIP' and 'SEYMOUR/ PORT PHILLIP' backstamps in black. Ex Purves


    Lot 328
    Estimate: $500

    1849 (20 Mar) entire letter addressed 'His Honor C J La Trobe' with framed 'FREE/ GEELONG', Port Phillip Geelong and Melbourne backstamps, slight ageing


    Lot 329
    Estimate: $350T Realised Price : $270

    1849 (26 Jun) entire letter headed 'Marmalaid Creek' to Melbourne with fair strikes of framed 'PAID AT/BUNNENYONG' in red, rated '8' for carriage of 51-80 miles, backstamps of 'BUNNEYONG' and 'MELBOURNE/PORT PHILLIP'. Ex Purves


    Lot 330
    Estimate: $300

    1852 (24 Sep) entire letter to N.S.W. with 'PAID/MELBOURNE' in red, manuscript '2', endorsed 'Steamer', backstamps of Sydney (ship letter), Bathurst and Carcoar, minor blemishes


    Lot 331
    Estimate: $200

    1853 (23 Aug) cover to France bearing 6d Black pair tied Barred Numeral '109' of Taradale, backstamps of Tarradale and Melbourne datestamp in blue, 'POSS. ANG V SUEZ/15OCT/64/MARSEILLES' in red on front


    Lot 332
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $380

    1853 (6 Oct) entire letter endorsed "Frances Henty" used Geelong to London bearing Half-length 3d (SG 14b) and Queen-on-throne 2d (SG 18b) tied by barred oval '2', rated '8', backstamps of Geelong, Melbourne and red oval. 2005 RPSV Certificate


    Lot 333
    Estimate: $200 Realised Price : $150

    1853 (29 Nov) entire to Scotland endorsed ‘Pr Chusan St.’ via Ceylon and Aden, rated '3' and '2/3', carried overland at Suez for sailing to UK via Malta and Marseilles


    Lot 334
    Estimate: $200

    1854-1904 group comprising covers (10, including two 6d 'Woodblocks' covers), fronts to France (3), postcards (3), Postal Cards (4, one with 'NOT KNOWN...' cachet, mixed condition (20 items)


    Lot 335
    Estimate: $400T Realised Price : $300

    1855 (Nov) entire to Edinburgh endorsed 'Pr Mail Ship "John Baines"' bearing Half-length 3d pair, SG 31, right unit touched at top, rated '5' in manuscript, 'AUSTRALIAN PACKET/ LIVERPOOL' datestamp in red, minor filing creases


    Lot 336
    Estimate: $200

    1856 (9 Jul) entire Melbourne to England bearing 6d 'Woodblock' imperf with huge margins - portion of adjoining units on all sides, tiny cut at upper right, endorsed 'Pr "Champion of the Sea", handstruck '1' in red and 'AUSTRALIA/PAID/LIVERPOOL/ PACKET' and Darlington arrival backstamp


    Lot 337
    Estimate: $300T

    1856 (27 Oct) large part entire Melbourne to Ballaarat bearing Half-length 1d SG 27b and 3d SG 31c tied by barred '1', arrival backstamp. Attractive two colour franking paying inland letter rate


    Lot 338
    Estimate: $300 Realised Price : $280

    1858 (11 Feb) cover to France bearing 6d 'Woodblock' tied by Barred Numeral '116' of Sandy Creek (rated RR), endorsed 'P "Simla"/Via Marseilles', backstamps of Sandy Creek, Melbourne, Hamburg and St Servan, without flap otherwise attractive


    Lot 339
    Estimate: $400T Realised Price : $300

    1858 (15 May) entire letter Melbourne to U.K bearing Half-length 3d bright blue, SG29a cut-into at top + 6d "Woodblock" large margins tied by barred '1', Melbourne Ship Letter handstamp in red, arrival backstamp. Attractive example of ¼oz via Marseilles rate


    Lot 340
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $380

    c.1860 wrapper to England endorsed 'via Marseilles/per "Jedda" bearing 4d Beaded Oval tied by indistinct numeral cancel. Attractive example of the 1d Newspaper + 3d via Marseilles rate


    Lot 341
    Estimate: $500 Realised Price : $1,450

    1860 (12 Jul) registered cover - repaired side flap to Switzerland bearing 1/- Octagonal perf strip of three and rouletted 6d Queen-on-throne tied by Barred Numeral '4' duplex of Sandhurst, datestamps of Sandhurst, '(crown)/REGISTERED' in red twice and Melbourne Registered datestamp, 'PD', London Registered, Calais transit and Locarno backstamp. Fine appearance


    Lot 342
    Estimate: $250T

    1862 (25 Apr) cover London to Ballarat via Marseilles bearing attractive franking of line-engraved 2d and 1d and surface-printed 6d (wing margin overlaps cover) and showing rare endorsement 'Via Queen's Cliff', backstamped Melbourne and Ballarat


    Lot 343
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $180

    1867 and 1868 entire letters to Launceston bearing 6d blue tied by numeral '52', endorsed 'Pr Tasmania' and 'P "Derwent"’, diamond ship letter handstamps on reverse


    Lot 344
    Estimate: $1,500 Realised Price : $1,150

    1870 (4 Nov) cover to England bearing 10d Brown/Purple on pink tied by Barred Numeral '72' of Sale with duplex alongside, framed 'INSUFFICIENTLY PAID/FOR BRINDISI ROUTE/DEFICIENT POSTAGE/d(reversed)/3', backstamp of Melbourne and Manchester arrival on front, few minor blemishes. Rare early tax marking


    Lot 345
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $160

    1875 (2 Nov) cover to Germany via Brindisi bearing 9d Lilac-Brown and 6d Blue tied by '60' duplex of Maldon, handstamped 'P.D.' in red, Melbourne transit and Constanz arrival backstamps


    Lot 346
    Estimate: $1,000T

    1880 and 1885 inwards covers from Meran Austria to Sale with varying franking compositions for 30kr via Brindisi rate, European '50' rate markings, earlier with octagonal Down Train TPO datestamp, backstamped Brindisi, Melbourne, Sale. Scarce origin/ destination


    Lot 347
    Estimate: $250T Realised Price : $2,100

    1882 (9 Feb) cover Melbourne to 'Saloon Passenger/S/S Mirzapore/Quarantine Station/ Portsea', backstamped Portsea, the cover with indications of procedural treatment at Station, notably evidenced by stain around adhesive and impact rupture to cover immediately below


    Lot 348
    Estimate: $300

    1883 (Mar 2) cover to Germany endorsed 'Via Brindisi' bearing 8d Brown and ½d Rose tied by Melbourne duplex, Lensahn arrival backstamp. Unusual two-colour franking


    Lot 349
    Estimate: $150 Realised Price : $280

    1884 (10 Jan) registered cover to France bearing 4d Rose and 6d Blue tied Barred Numeral '538' strikes of Hotham, framed 'REGISTERED' and 'R' within octagon, Melbourne transit and Paris arrival datestamps. Attractive bicolour franking


    Lot 350
    Estimate: $750T

    1884 (19 Aug) use of India 4a 6p Envelope from Rangoon Burma to Melbourne, addressed to Maximillian Tannenberg (Designer of various South Australian and Victorian stamps - notably 1897 Charity issue), insufficiently franked and with mss. '18 cts' and Indian or Victorian Tax markings, backstamped Bombay, Melbourne, Carlton


    Lot 351
    Estimate: $300

    1884 (7 Aug) cover Hamilton to Warrnambool bearing Stamp Duty 1d Brown pair tied by '476' duplex, transit (Kerang) and arrival backstamp, minor faults. Scarce


    Lot 352
    Estimate: $300T Realised Price : $480

    1885 (20 May) cover (little soiled) to U.K. bearing rare franking of Postal Fiscal 1/- blue on yellow for double rate tied by Melbourne duplex, backstamped on arrival


    Lot 353
    Estimate: $150

    1885 (8 Sep) cover to New Zealand bearing 2d tied by Barred Numeral '824' duplex of Fitzroy, endorsed 'Per "Manapouri"', framed 'TOO LATE' in black, Melbourne and Wellington backstamps


    Lot 354
    Estimate: $100

    1886 cover to South Yarra bearing 1d Brown 'STAMP DUTY' pair tied by Barred Numeral '84' strikes of Winchelsea, transit and arrival backstamps, cover blemishes on reverse


    Lot 355
    Estimate: $250

    1888 (17 Aug) cover to New Brunswick bearing 1d Green pair and 6d Blue tied Barred Numeral '71' strikes of Richmond with duplexes, endorsed 'Per Cuzco De/Via Southampton’, backstamps of Melbourne and London. Attractive bicolour franking to an interesting destination


    Lot 356
    Estimate: $250

    1889 underpaid cover to England bearing 2d (3) tied Barred Numeral '9' strikes of Beechworth with duplex, handstruck 'Deficient Postage (mss 2d)/Fine (mss 4d)}(mss 6d), small circled CH and handstruck '6D./620', transit and arrival backstamps, flap fault


    Lot 357
    Estimate: $200

    1892 (3 Dec) very rare usage of reply portion of Germany 10pf Postal Card to Germany with original transit and arrival datestamps on reverse, cancelled by Barred Numeral '46' duplex of Hamilton and Dresden arrival datestamp


    Lot 358
    Estimate: $125

    1893 (7 Mar) registered cover Melbourne to USA bearing 3d - corner fault) and 2½d tied by 'R' within circle, registered datestamp at lower left and San Diego arrival cachet on reverse. Attractive bicolour franking


    Lot 359
    Estimate: $125 Realised Price : $210

    1895 (16 Feb) registered cover to USA bearing 1d, 2d pair and ½d tied '27' duplex of Caramut, framed 'REGISTERED' and 'R' within circle in black, London registered datestamp in red on front, backstamps of Ballarat, Melbourne and New York. Attractive


    Lot 360
    Estimate: $100

    1895 (10 Jul) cover to St. Kilda bearing 2d tied by Barred Numeral 'M50' (1050) duplex of Wickliffe Road Stn' in blue. Attractive


    Lot 361
    Estimate: $250

    c.1896 illustrated advertising Wrapper printed 'all-over' for Phillips-Ormonde & Co. used to Austria with G.B. ½d affixed and tied by 'F.B.' in black. Interesting and ornate


    Lot 362
    Estimate: $100

    1896 (6 Mar) cover to Canada bearing ½d and 2d tied by '94' St Arnaud duplex, Vancouver transit and Clinton Ont arrival backstamps


    Lot 363
    Estimate: $250

    1897 (5 Nov) use of OHMS 'CHIEF SECRETARY' frank stamp cover to South Africa uprated with 5d brown cancelled by Melbourne datestamps, endorsed at left 'Per Aberdeen', Johannesburg arrival backstamp, faint trace of central filing crease. Scarce


    Lot 364
    Estimate: $150

    1899 (13 Mar) use to California of Envelope 1d Yellow-Brown uprated with 1½d Green tied by Barred Numeral '538' strikes of Carlton endorsed 'Via Sydney/Per S.S. "Mariposa"', backstamps of San Francisco and Berkeley. Attractive bicolour


    Lot 365
    Estimate: $125 Realised Price : $125

    1902 (6 Aug) frank 'GOVERNOR OF VICTORIA' in violet, with Barred Numeral of Malvern used to London with oval 'VICTORIA/(crown) /OFFICAL PAID' in black, arrival backstamp


    Lot 366
    Estimate: $250 Realised Price : $320

    1904 (Nov) cover to Tasmania bearing 1d strip of four tied by Barred Numeral '571' strikes of Breakwater (rated R), 'T (mss. 4)' in oval and Postage Due 4d Blank at base tied by cds, Geelong and Melbourne backstamps, cover with restored spike-hole


    Lot 367
    Estimate: $150T

    1906 (21 Apr) Official cover to London bearing scarce franking of 2½d punctured 'OS' pair tied by Melbourne cds


    Lot 368
    Estimate: $100 Realised Price : $135

    1909 (15 Oct) printed business envelope for 'G.G. Turri & Co.' Used to USA bearing 1d block of 4 'G.G.T.' (two in reverse) and ½d non-perfin pair tied by Rialto datestamps, handstamped 'LATE FEE ON.', Sydney transit and Easton arrival backstamps, minor blemishes


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