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    Online General Sale No. 67

    Bidding closes at 5pm AEDT on Friday 5th April 2019 

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    Lot 438
    MISC ]
    Estimate: $150Starting Price: $115

    1930s/1950s Coil Vending Machine instructional metal plates, for affixing in proximity of dispensing device, comprising c1935 double-sided for 1d and 2d (2), and c1950 one-sided for 3d (pennies only). Rare and exhibitable (3)


    Lot 439
    C ]
    Estimate: $200Starting Price: $150

    1937-49 Wmkd 1/6d Hermes commercial airmail covers, mostly solo frankings, comprising Thick (10) and Thin (8) papers, destinations including Aden, Czechoslovakia, (uncancelled), France, Germany (2, one American Zone), Holland (2, one registered 'A.R.'), Sweden Switzerland, censored (3) including 12/- triple 'clipper' rate, official use, odd fault, generally fine (18)


    Lot 440
    C ]
    Estimate: $75Starting Price: $60

    1937-49 Perf 13 x 14 3d Blue KGVI Die II Thick and Thin papers tied to different editions of 'A.R.' card, also Perf 15 x 14 3d Brown KGVI similarly used, the last returned to sender (3)


    Lot 441
    ** ]
    Estimate: $400Starting Price: $300

    1937-49 Robes 5/- Ash imprint blocks of 4 (4, each with gum creases and one with minor tone spots), 10/- Thick Paper Ash and By Authority imprint blocks of 4 and Thin Paper By Authority imprint block of 4 (all fine), and 1 Ash imprint blocks of 4 (both toned gum), MUH (36)


    Lot 442
    ** ]
    Estimate: $600Starting Price: $460

    1937-49 Robes 5/-, 10/- and 1 Ash imprint blocks of 4, 5/- and 10/- with faint gum bends, 1 very fine and all MUH (12)


    Lot 443
    S/* ]
    Estimate: $500Starting Price: $380

    1937-49 Robes 10/- and 1 overprinted SPECIMEN, fine (2)


    Lot 444
    C ]
    Estimate: $250Starting Price: $190

    1937-49 10/- Robes Chalky paper + 1/6d Hermes + 4d Koala tied by GPO Sydney cds to 1941 (5 Jun) censored cover to USA (11/10d triple clipper rate for 1/1oz letter)


    Lot 445
    ** ]
    Estimate: $200Starting Price: $150

    1937-49 Perf 15 x 14 1d Green Queen Elizabeth Die II coil strip of 3 with uniformly large holes, very fine MUH


    Lot 446
    **/* ]
    Estimate: $700Starting Price: $525

    1937-49 Perf 15 x 14 2d Scarlet KGVI Die II Coil strip of 4 with large and small holes, coil join between second and third units, three units MUH. BW AU$1500+


    Lot 447
    C ]
    Estimate: $100Starting Price: $75

    1937-49 Perf 15 x 14 3d Blue Die II Chalky paper 'White Face and Leaves' (ink stripping) + 2d Die I tied to 1938 (1 Jul) airmail cover from Cunderin to Melbourne. BW 193c


    Lot 448
    ** ]
    Estimate: $90Starting Price: $70

    1940 A.I.F. 1d McCracken imprint strip of 4 (hinged in margin), and 2d, 3d and 6d McCracken imprint blocks of 4 (MUH, 2d creases in selvedge) (16)


    Lot 449
    C ]
    Estimate: $75Starting Price: $60

    1940 A.I.F. 6d solo franking tied by Kingscote (SA) cds to 1941 (23 Apr) registered censored cover, overpaying by 1d registered British Empire rate to U.K., backstamped Melbourne


    Lot 450
    **/C ]
    Estimate: $100Starting Price: $75

    1942-44 KGVI 2d Scarlet (2) plus d Kangaroo tied by Rockhampton slogan cancel to 1947 (4 Aug) airmail cover to South Australia, 2d's showing good although not extreme examples of 'White Face' (BW 230c, cat AU$225 used), also imprint block punctured 'G/NSW' with two units showing 'Line Prolonged under AGE of POSTAGE' (BW 230f)


    Lot 451
    C ]
    Estimate: $100Starting Price: $75

    1948-56 5/- Coat-of-Arms standard-sized articles comprising 1956 and 1959 registered airmail covers to less usual destinations of Germany (French Zone) and Finland, rates of 7/3d (2/- airmail x 3 + 1/3d registration) and 6/6d (2/3d airmail x 2 + 2/- registration) (2 covers)


    Lot 452
    C ]
    Estimate: $125Starting Price: $95

    1948-56 10/- Coat-of-Arms with 2/- Aboriginal Art No Wmk (3) tied by Melbourne cds to 1959 (11 Jun) airmail cover to U.S.A. (16/- for 2/- airmail rate x 8)


    Lot 453
    ** ]
    Estimate: $150Starting Price: $115

    1950-52 3d Scarlet KGVI Booklet Sheet of 144, fine apart from a few small tone spots, mostly in upper selvedge. BW 251c, cat AU$360


    Lot 454
    **/O ]
    Estimate: $75Starting Price: $60

    1952-65 2/6d Aborigine No Watermark ordinary paper MUH (2), white paper MUH (2) and U (10), and Emergency Printing MUH pair and U. Also variety 'Weak entry Around POSTAGE' (R10/4) in used pair (ordinary paper) and the retouch in used pair (white paper) (21)


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