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Sale No. 64

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    Internet General Sale No. 64

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           Overseas buyers are exempt from paying this charge.
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    Lot 170
    * ]
    Estimate: $750

    2d Die I, 2d Die IIA, 2d Deep Blue, 2d Indigo, 3d Die I (2), 3d Die II (centred left), 6d Ultramarine Die II, 6d Milky Greyish-blue Die II (centred right), 9d Violet Die II, 9d Pale Violet Die IIB, 1/- Blue-green Die II, mostly lightly hinged and generally well-centred (12)


    Lot 171
    O ]
    Estimate: $150

    Punctured 'OS' 2d, 2d, 3d Die I, 6d Blue, 6d Chestnut, 9d Die 2B, 1/- Die 2B, 2/- Brown, 5/- generally fine used (5/- CTO) (9)


    Lot 172
    * ]
    Estimate: $70

    2d Grey Die I Watermark Inverted lightly mounted and large part OG but with gum thin


    Lot 173
    ** ]
    Estimate: $600

    2d Indigo punctured Small 'OS' block of 4 with 'fluffy' perfs very fine MUH. BW cat AU$1800


    Lot 174
    * ]
    Estimate: $160

    2d Blue Punctured 'OS' with large part 'Offset' on reverse, well-centred with lightly toned gum. BW 11c, cat AU$400


    Lot 175
    * ]
    Estimate: $140

    3d Olive Die I Watermark Inverted lightly mounted with large part OG, centred lower right


    Lot 176
    C ]
    Estimate: $90

    3d Olive Die I used on 1919 (10 Feb and 13 Apr) covers from Sydney and Adelaide respectively to New York, slight staining at bottom of latter, otherwise fine and clean examples of the 3d foreign rate following imposition of the d war tax (2)


    Lot 177
    ** ]
    Estimate: $4,000

    6d Pale Ultramarine Plate 3 Left Pane of 60 MUH, No. 6 being the variety 'Broken Leg of Kangaroo', some gum creasing and tone spots (especially on the lower two rows), the variety unit having two tone spots, one in top margin being visible on face, and other minor imperfections, nevertheless of very good appearance. Possibly a unique multiple. BW 20Cd, cat AU$39,625+


    Lot 178
    * ]
    Estimate: $140

    6d Chestnut and 2/- Maroon lightly mounted with large part OG (2)


    Lot 179
    **/* ]
    Estimate: $400

    6d Chestnut Plate 3 Harrison imprint block of 4 (N over MP setting), hairline flaw on 3L54 absent. Evenly toned gum, small spot in gutter, and perf reinforcement in selvedge and hinged in gutter only. BW 21(3)z, cat AU$900


    Lot 180
    O ]
    Estimate: $140

    9d Violet Die IIB Watermark Inverted cancelled MA 21 cds, couple of blunt perfs at top left. BW 27a, cat AU$275


    Lot 181
    * ]
    Estimate: $150

    1/- Blue-green Die II Watermark Inverted, large part OG with horizontal crease at top not visible from face. BW 32a, cat AU$550


    Lot 182
    * ]
    Estimate: $120

    1/- Blue-green Die IIB Watermark Sideways superb with trace of hinge


    Lot 183
    * ]
    Estimate: $250

    2/- Brown lightly hinged with large part OG, centred right


    Lot 184
    O ]
    Estimate: $500

    2/- Brown used accumulation (68), range of shades including a number of scarcer red-brown shades, some postmark interest. Few with faults but condition generally well above average with many fine stamps, minimum cat AU$2380


    Lot 185
    O ]
    Estimate: $1,000

    2/- Brown Punctured Small 'OS' horizontal pair variety 'Watermark Inverted', cancelled Stock Exchange Melbourne cds (1917). Partly severed and reinforced, otherwise very fine and a rare multiple. BW 37baa, cat AU$3000+


    Lot 186
    ** ]
    Estimate: $1,200

    2/- Maroon Harrison imprint pair from Plate 1, two tiny spots on reverse, otherwise fine MUH. BW 38(1)za, cat AU$2000+


    Lot 187
    * ]
    Estimate: $400

    2/- Maroon Ash imprint pair from Plate 1, fine and lightly hinged. BW 38(1)ze, cat AU$1000


    Lot 188
    ** ]
    Estimate: $600

    5/- Grey and Yellow with unlisted varieties 'Shortish Spencer Gulf' and 'Colour Spot over Kangaroo's Ear' (Right Pane, No. 11). Centred lower left otherwise very fine MUH. With photocopy of Holcombe Certificate for block of 4 from which this stamp was taken


    Lot 189
    * ]
    Estimate: $400

    5/- Grey and Pale Yellow punctured Small 'OS', part OG and centred left. BW 44Db, cat AU$1250


    Lot 190
    O ]
    Estimate: $200

    10/- Grey and Aniline Pink Punctured Small 'OS', cancelled Market Street (Melb) cds, centred to top, otherwise fine postally used and much scarcer than CTO


    Lot 191
    S* ]
    Estimate: $175

    10/- Grey and Deep Aniline Pink optd SPECIMEN Type B, small mark in right margin, large part OG


    Lot 192
    * ]
    Estimate: $350

    1 Grey part OG and centred upper right, somewhat heavily hinged


    Lot 193
    **/* ]
    Estimate: $11,000

    1 Grey Harrison imprint block of 4, lightly hinged in gutter and on upper right unit, slightly toned gum and of very fine appearance, with second line of imprint trimmed as is the case with most of the recorded imprints of this stamp. BW states only six imprint blocks of 4 are recorded, cat AU$20000


    Lot 194
    S/** ]
    Estimate: $300

    1 Grey overprinted SPECIMEN Type C, and showing unlisted variety 'Break in Value Circle at Lower Right'. MUH lightly toned gum and centred left. BW 53xb, cat AU$850


    Lot 195
    S/* ]
    Estimate: $420

    1 Grey overprinted SPECIMEN Type C with variety shaved 'P', well-centred and lightly hinged. BW 53xf, cat AU$1000


    Lot 196
    S* ]
    Estimate: $180

    2 Black and Rose optd SPECIMEN Type B, centred upper left, large part OG and with remnants of gummed strip affixed to reverse (? from a repaired sheet)


    Lot 197
    S** ]
    Estimate: $600

    2 Purple-black and Rose optd SPECIMEN Type C, centred slightly right, MUH


    Lot 198
    S ]
    Estimate: $300

    2 Purple-black and Rose optd SPECIMEN Type C sub-type 1 (Damaged 'C'), centred to top, regummed. BW 56xd, cat AU$1000


    Lot 199
    S/* ]
    Estimate: $480

    2 Purple-black and Rose overprinted SPECIMEN Type C with sub-type variety damaged 'C' from Left Pane, No. 13 additionally showing frame plate variety 'Break in Northern Coast of Western Australia' and 'Colour Spot above Spencer's Gulf'. Well-centred with 'fluffy perfs' and even gum toning. A very scarce combination of varieties, of which only 15 examples were printed. BW 50xd(D)e, cat AU$1000+


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